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Digital Krebs Viscometer

This modern digital instrument provides automated motor operation, with advanced digital controlled motor, allowing accurate direct reading in KU (Krebs units), mPa.s (cP) or g (gram).  




  • TQC Sheen
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    This modern Digital Krebs Viscometer (formally known as Sheen 480) is based on the popular traditional KREBS method, using a weight-driven rotating paddle to sense the paint viscosity at a constant 200 rpm. It provides automated motor operation, with digital motor control, allowing accurate direct reading in KU (Krebs units), mPa.s (cP) or g (gram). The conversion between these units is automatically calculated by the microprocessor and displayed on request. Sturdy construction allows for use either in a production environment or in the laboratory.





    Features & Benefits

    Single or continuous reading in KU,mPa.s(cP), gram   

    Over-range indication  

    Simple to install rotor spindle into quick release chuck 

    Easy to clean   

    Safety height sensor preventing the rotor from rotating above the can 

    Possibility of multi-point calibration by user with optional key  

    Manual,timed andmax hold measurement