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Screw Action Grips (50 Lbf)

Screw Action grip used for tensile testing applications rated to test up to 50 Lbf or 250 Newtons.

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Screw-Action grips operate similar to a vice clamp and are designed for gripping various strip or sheet materials such as paper, foam, textiles and lighter metals.
Moveable inserts close completely to accommodate samples .
Also ideal for gripping lap shear specimens with offset ends.
The 10-pound and 200-pound capacity grips have knurled open/close knobs while the 1000-pound capacity grip utilizes a T-handle for added closing pressure.

Capacity:  50 Lbf (220 N)

Faces:  1″H x 1″W, serrated (included)

Size:  3/8″-24 Female Threads

Spec:  Set of 2

Adapters:  Not included

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