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Quick Release Adapter

The quick release adapter makes it easy to change between grips on United's Universal Test Machines.

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Every United grip or fixture will require some type of quick release adapter on both the top and bottom of your UTM. If youa re looking for repalcement adapters, please contact us so we can help you determine which adapter will best suit your needs.

Part numbers:  There are many individual part numbers for QR adapters covering a wide range of grip products. Please contact us so we can work with you to determine your specific needs.

Common Adapter Part numbers:  QRLM-1/2-13-M, QRLM-1/2-20-M, QRLM-1/4-28-F, QRLM-1-1/4-12-M, QRLM-1-14-F, QRLM-1-14-M, QRLM-3/4-10-M, QRLM-3/8-24-F, QRLM-3/8-24-M, QRLM-5/8-18-F, QRLM-5/8-18-M

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