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Deluxe Action Wedge Grip

United Deluxe Action Wedge Grips are available in different sizes and selected based on your capacity requirement or your sample size.

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United Deluxe-Action wedge grips allow the grip jaws to move up or down by incorporating a T-handle to tighten the jaws on the sample.
This allows the operator to achieve a tighter grip on samples prior to testing which is beneficial when samples have a tendency to slip out of the grip.
Interchangeable jaws are incorporated into the grip body based on sample thickness or diamter.

Part Numbers (sold seperatly):  DA-1 (5kN, 1″ wide inserts) DA-15 (150kN, 1″ wide inserts)DA-25 (150kN, 2″ wide inserts) DA-65 (300kN, 2″ wide inserts)

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