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Pneumatic Grips (500 Lbf)

Pneumatic grips rated to test up to 500 Lbf or 2 kN for tensile testing applications

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United offers a wide selection of Pneumatic Grips with a variety of jaw inserts incorporating many different jaw sizes
This is one of the many different styles of pneumatic grips offered by United. Used in conjunction with an air supply and a foot or lever control, pneumatic grips make loading samples quicker and easier on operators.
Pneumatic grips are opened and closed either by a toggle switch on the grip body, or by a foot lever located on the floor below the test frame.

Capacity:  (500 Lbf) Max

Inserts:  Available Separately

Size:  3/8″-24 Female Threads

Adaptors:  Not included

Part Numbers:  SG-100-500-FSAC (Foot Switch Activated)

Part Numbers:  SG-100-500-FSAC (Hand Switch Activated)

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Made from the highest quality materials and components