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Helping beverage companies to achieve perfection in packaging



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Eagle Vision Systems

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Helping beverage companies to achieve perfection in packaging

At Industrial Physics, we’re here to protect the integrity of packaging, products, and materials for manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories all over the world. For us, that goes beyond simply supplying test and inspection instruments. It’s about being there for our customers. And acting as a true partner – answering questions, sharing our knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, reacting quickly whenever something goes wrong.

This is what happened when one of our customers at Blues City Brewery, a 24/7 co-packing brewery, needed assistance. Our team had been supporting Blues City Brewery with their beverage and canning inspection needs for a number of years, and on this occasion the business was in need of an effective solution to inspect double seams of cans on their production line.

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‍Oscar Flores, Field Service Engineer, explains, ‘Blues City Brewery decided to purchase their seam inspection equipment through us because we’d established a relationship of trust. As testing and inspection partners, we were able to identify the best equipment to suit their unique needs – it became clear that the SEAMscan instrument was the perfect fit for their can manufacturing requirements.’

‍As they began to use the instrument, the team at Blues City Brewery required some additional support from Industrial Physics. According to Oscar, ‘Whenever technical or mechanical questions arise, we believe it’s our duty to act as quickly and responsively as possible. And this is what we did for our customer here.

‍”For any business, machinery downtime is obviously something they want to avoid at all costs – so, we try to minimize this downtime for our partners as much as possible. By responding swiftly, we were able to ensure the brewery could continue providing a service to their customers with minimal disruptions. In one of our troubleshooting sessions, we worked closely with the technicians to diagnose the malfunctioning part and were able to get a replacement sent out straight away.”

‍Leo Yankulin, Product Support Engineer, also agreed, ‘This is what I believe it means to be a true partner rather than simply a supplier – we don’t just provide customers with instruments and leave them to it. We work closely with our team of technical experts and our customers to ensure any issues are addressed. This allows our customers to get the most out of their equipment.’

‍Access our exclusive report on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing quality control within beer packaging:


‍Ensuring optimal performance is very important to us – and we’re there to support as best we can. Leo explains, ‘The team also requested some additional training on the instrument – of course, we were there to assist. Thankfully, we were able to make this happen remotely. We offer a range of options when it comes to training models, we can provide this service in-person or via video link, depending on the needs of each individual customer.’

‍Gicole Patterson, Quality Assurance Chemist, was delighted with the service provided,

‘Our brewery has experienced great customer service with Industrial Physics. As a chemist, I understand equipment doesn’t work all the time. The technical support team for Industrial Physics, especially Leo and Oscar, have made sure that when equipment needs support, it is done right away. We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!’

As a testing and inspection partner, we pride ourselves on being there for our customers –whatever the issue.

‍If you’d like to find out how Industrial Physics could support your needs, get in touch by clicking below.


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