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Blues City Brewery

Blue City Brewery

Beverage, Metal Packaging

Can Inspection, Double Seam Inspection

CMC-KUHNKE, Eagle Vision Systems

When an American brewery needed the best in double seam test and inspection devices to solve a unique can manufacturing process problem they called on our tried and tested services.

Service provided

After inviting our experts to investigate and opine on the right testing equipment, the owners of Blues City Brewery were delighted to see their investment in our SEAMscan SPC System quickly save them time and hassle while protecting them from costly product recalls.

Why is this type of testing important?

Seam inspection is critical in the beverage industry for protecting against leaking cans and ensuring the quality of metal packaging. When our legacy customer encountered a problem with their canning production line they needed a reliable machine to measure everything from seam thickness, height and gap through to countersink depth, body hook and overlap.

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The Industrial Physics Story

After receiving the urgent call for help, our field services manager Oscar Flores responded swiftly. Firstly he identified and assembled the most appropriately skilled and experienced engineers from across our family of brands to explore the problem.

Following the initial investigation we quickly established that our metal testing specialist brand CMC-KUHNKE was the right fit and Oscar’s team soon identified the ideal equipment to solve the brewery’s expensive dilemma.

After demonstrating the impressive capabilities of our SEAMscan SPC system and organizing its implementation he later set up a remote training programme to ensure our happy customer could get the best from the devices.

Oscar explained:

“Blues City Brewery decided to purchase their seam inspection equipment through us because we’d already established a relationship of trust. As testing and inspection partners, we were able to identify the right equipment to suit their unique needs.

‍”Machinery downtime is obviously something any business wants to avoid at all costs. So, we try to minimize this for our partners as much as possible. Our rapid response ensured the brewery could continue providing a service to their customers with minimal disruptions.”

At Industrial Physics, we’re here to protect the integrity of packaging, products, and materials for manufacturers, production lines and laboratories - all over the world. For us, that goes beyond simply supplying test and inspection instruments. It’s about being there for our customers. And acting as a true partner – answering questions, sharing our knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, reacting quickly if something goes wrong.

I‍ndustrial Physics Expertise

Access our exclusive report on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing quality control within beer packaging:


So how did our customer respond to the great products and services we provided? Well, ‍Gicole Patterson, Blues City Brewery’s quality assurance chemist, put it this way:

“Our brewery has experienced great customer service from Industrial Physics. As a chemist, I understand equipment doesn’t work all the time.

“The technical support team, especially Leo and Oscar, have made sure that when we need support, it’s done right away. We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!”

We’re always pleased to hear that the products our customer chose solved their inspection problem. Whatever industry you work in we typically have a range of fantastic options. Other customers within the beverage industry have been equally impressed with the SEAM360 double seam can inspection gauge or the AUTO XTS.

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