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Specific Gravity Testing

Discover expert gravity testing solutions

If you’re looking for accurate, straightforward, and reliable specific gravity testing solutions, you’ve come to the right place.  

At Industrial Physics, we understand that calculating the specific gravity of your chosen sample is critical when it comes to ensuring the integrity of your chosen material. Dive in for expert testing solutions suitable for a broad range of industries, from automotive to food and beverages 

Understanding specific gravity

Specific gravity, which is also sometimes known as relative density, is a term that’s used to define the weight or density of a liquid in comparison to the density of an equal volume of water, when both are measured at a specified temperature. This temperature is typically 39.2oF (4oC), which is the temperature at which water assumes its maximum density. 

In simple terms, when you’re testing specific gravity, you’re finding out whether a sample will float or sink when immersed in water or another liquid. When it comes to testing liquids, there are some big advantages to using specific gravity testing over density, find out more in our guide to liquid testing 

What materials can be specific gravity tested?

The specific gravity method is not only used for testing liquids. In fact, it can be used to test a huge range of materials, including plastics and polymers, rubber, ceramics and much more. It’s also a useful testing method for the construction industry and used to test cement, soils, aggregate, bitumen and pitch. 

Curious about why density is so important when it comes to creating quality products? Check out our article explaining the relationship between density and quality when it comes to materials such as plastics, where calculating the strength to weight ratio is crucial.  

Highlighted specific gravity testing equipment

Looking for a balance that will determine the specific gravity of a range of commonly used materials? Just check out our 21-10 Automatic Densimeter DSG-1 – a high precision digital instrument that allows you to easily identify the specific gravity of your sample. It’s built to meet common industry testing standards and return highly accurate results.  

Our Adventurer Pro Analytical Density Balance is one of the industry’s most versatile balance options, offering fast stabilization and reliable operation in a compact design. Its AutoCal™ option ensures solid weighing performance and accurate, repeatable results of the sort needed for laboratory applications. All of our specific gravity testing machines are developed with ease-of-use, accuracy and adherence to industry standards in mind, so you can make your choice with confidence.  

Accurate specific gravity testing

Whether you’re replacing an outdated method or you’re setting up a whole new QA process, we’ve got the expertise to help you find the right test and inspection machines for the job. Searching for reliable gravity testing solutions? You can explore our product portfolio below. 


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