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Liquid testing devices that make a splash 

Why go with the flow and accept unexceptional liquid test and inspection support? With our industry-leading instruments and devices you get the best technology available…without splashing out! 

Industrial Physics liquid testing devices are renowned for their accuracy. Relied upon by people working in everything from hydroponics to food and beverages, they’re used to test both drinking and wastewater and they’re found at major pool and spa complexes around the world.


Our elite pocket testers lead the way in liquid testing. With precise readings of conductivity, salinity and temperature of your total dissolved solids (TDS). 


Then there’s our high precision, temperature controlled viscometers. They provide dynamic viscosity measurements that reflect ‘real world’ paint applications. By roller or by brush.


If the thought of excess humidity in controlled environments releases steam from your ears…relax! Our quality Swiss temperature and humidity dataloggers measure and log humidity data in real time – sounding an alarm when your attention is required. 


Our range of robust, waterproof PH meters give quick, accurate PH checks of pools and spas – making these tools ideal for aquariums and hydroponics operations.


Dive deep into the extensive product range we offer below and when you surface…get in touch! 


Why choose Industrial Physics? Let us break it down.
There are many compelling reasons to choose Industrial Physics. Here are some of the best.



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