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SEAMetal HD: Double Seam Inspection for Beverage Cans – Quality by Vision

Our world-class SEAMetal double seam inspection system is the most flexible beverage and beer can testing solution available on the market. 




Brought to you by Quality By Vision, our specialist metal packaging testing brand, the SEAMetal HD is one of the most accurate and repeatable double seam inspection systems in the world. 

Using our state-of-the-art optical technology and intelligent software, you’ll automatically capture and analyze the double seam dimensions of beverage cans and beer cans.  

Our powerful double seam inspection tool is effortlessly simple to use. It measures both two and three-piece beverage and beer cans with unprecedented resolution and accuracy.  

Explorative double seam inspection

The SEAM-explorer™ function of the SEAMetal HD system gives you the ultimate control over your double seam inspection. You can inspect any radius, angle, distance or area within the double seam. You’ll love the helpful centering device, designed to further perfect your inspection and block out unwanted light. 

Super SEAMetal software

Our double seam inspection software is touch friendly and you can zoom, pan, and move lines with ease. You can customize reports, including attaching SPC graphs and seam images and then export them. 

Our double seam inspection equipment offers the latest developments, from research and analysis tools like our SEAMexplorer software to the inbuilt statistical process control software. Plus it works a treat with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.  

High definition double seam inspection  

The SEAMetal HD features a high definition camera for unparalleled double seam inspection capability of your beverage and beer can seams. The better your camera, the more accurate your measurement.  

Automatic, accurate double seam inspection  

Each measurement can be evaluated automatically in less than one second per image. Plus the ‘true thickness option’ makes sure you get accurate double seam thickness analysis, without the need for external calipers or gauges.  

Using the SEAMetal HD you can measure wrinkle and tightness on the optical unit, while the adaptive detection algorithm improves accuracy for even the hardest to detect double seams. 

SEAMetal network support

Network ready, the SEAMetal HD grants you secure access to other SEAMetal double seam inspection equipment, as well as remote report viewing through local and remote networks. 

Troubleshooting double seam inspection  

The SEAMetal HD has a handy recheck function for situations in which your seamer adjustments are performed after the seam check. Plus we also included a helpful ‘undo’ option so that operator mistakes can be swiftly rectified.  

Practical double seam inspection 

Ready for action – the SEAMetal HD comes pre-focused and pre-calibrated. You can move it wherever it’s needed and it even comes complete with a portable saw! 

Health conscious double seam inspection

The powerful SEAM doctor software of our double seam inspection equipment not only flags up any faulty measurements, but it even helps you to determine their root cause and assists in correcting them!  

Verified double seam inspection expertise 

Our SEAMetal HD double seam inspection equipment has been rated as “world class GR&R” by a third party customer.  

Double down on your seam inspection capability

We have been continually improving the world-class SEAMetal HD system for almost 30 years. This QBV product is the fifth generation of our double seam inspection system for beverages. 

Across the Industrial Physics portfolio we have plenty of similar devices and accessories for you to choose from. Why not take a look at the SEAMetal HD version we make for food cans? If you make beer then our purpose built double seam inspection equipment for breweries is a fully integrated solution that you’ll appreciate. And while we’re on the subject of beer – we also purpose built the SEAMetal LT: double seam inspection for craft beer cans. 

The best for your double seam inspection test

We enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve gained over many years of working in the beverage and canning industry.  

In the knowledgebase section of our website we’ve published lots of blogs on the subject. If you’d like to read up on double seam inspection tips then why not start with this piece on how to measure a double seam. Then you could take a look at this article exploring the wider aspects of can inspection and how to do it. Then, if you’re a bit of a history buff, you may enjoy reading our popular history of a can timeline!

And if you’re still keen to learn more then you can access our exclusive Industrial Physics webinar guide to seam inspection with our Global Product Line Director Steve Davis – a world-leader in the field of metal packaging. 

Why is double seam inspection important? 

In recent years the beverage industry has optimized its closure business and cut back on the amount of packaging used. Companies have down gauged their cans, material thickness has been reduced, and production speeds have increased. As a result we’re seeing lots of new seaming problems emerge in high numbers.  

It’s always been important, but more than ever, double seam inspection is an essential check that will protect you against leaking cans and ensure the quality of your metal packaging. So you need a high-quality double seam inspection instrument that will save time, hassle and cost while protecting you against unwanted product recalls.  

At Industrial Physics, we’ve mastered metal packaging – in fact, twenty years ago a brand in our family became recognized as a world leader in this market by inventing automatic, double seam inspection.Our solutions are varied – whether you’re looking for destructive, non-destructive, or in-line equipment, we can help. Find out more about our solutions in our product booklet. 

Resolution:  0.003mm – 0.005mm (3 to 5 Microns)

Software compatibility:  suitable for Windows 7, 10, and 11.

Case:  stainless steel

Interface:  USB

Centering device:  variable (depending on can type)

Resolution:  0.003mm – 0.005mm (3 to 5 Microns)

Software compatibility:  suitable for Windows 7, 10, and 11.

Case:  stainless steel

Interface:  USB

Centering device:  variable (depending on can type)

Features & Benefits

SEAM-explorer™ allows you to inspect any radius, angle, distance or area of double seam inspection 

Measure wrinkle / tightness on the optical unit 

Powerful SEAM doctor software

Microsoft Windows ready 

Multi touch support (zoom, pan) 

Adaptive double seam inspection detection algorithm  

Network support – allows secure access to other SEAMetal HD systems  

Adapts to your screen resolution, particularly with high resolution screens 

Communicates with any SPC data collection system 

External gauge support (can height, flange width, double seam thickness, double seam length and more) 

Portable double seam inspection equipment  

Optional gauge attachments – countersink or thickness gauges 

Multilingual translations available to most languages 

CE certified

Video tightness option