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Messmer Büchel Digital Micrometer 49-56

With the Digital Micrometer 49-56 from Messmer Büchel you’ll achieve accurate thickness measurements of a wide range of sheet-like substrates even at low pressures. And the instrument complies to the most demanding of international standards.


The Messmer Büchel industry-leading thickness gauge machine is the perfect tool to conduct testing on paper, plastic, tissue, nonwoven, and corrugated sheets.

Highly accurate digital micrometer

A popular choice from our range of easy-to-use digital micrometers, it offers impressive accuracy within 0.001mm (0.00004in.) or 1% of paper thickness, whichever is better.

Low pressure – no problem

The innovative cantilever mechanism allows for

light pressure digital micrometer thickness testing. It’s the ideal option for compressible materials including thin films and paper tissue.

Any drift problems drift away

Our digital micrometer has a solid base machined from one piece. Combined with high-tech electronics it limits the potential for drift to nearly zero. This neat feature also means you can add or remove additional weights for multiple pressure applications.

Test results thick with detail

With its solid, rigid frame and linear encoder you get repeatable and accurate results displayed on a large touchscreen. Our thickness gauge machine also gives you individual and rolling average readings displayed after each test, while the statistics mode provides further analysis.

Powerful software

Capture automatically generated micrometer electronic  results and transfer them directly to Excel®, Access®, or clipboard with GraphMaster™ software.

Thickness testing made easy

Need a digital micrometer that makes light work of thickness testing of anything from paper to plastic, tissue paper to nonwoven and corrugated sheets?

Our digital micrometer testing parameters are software-controlled giving you close control over gap height, auto-zero and dwell time.

Combination anvil

An optional combination anvil allows you to change the diameter of the pressure foot.

Globally equipped

Our clever digital micrometer is quite the linguist: programmed with nine languages for use all over the world



SKU: 49-56-00-XXXX

Applications: Corrugated Testing, Paper Testing, Thickness Testing

Materials: Adhesive, Aluminum, Film, Foam, Foil, Paper, Plastics and Polymers, Rubber, Textile

Measuring range: 0 – 10mm; 0 – 10,000μm; 0 – 394 mil

Measuring accuracy: within 0.001mm (0.00004in.) or 1% of paper thickness

Resolution:  1.0/0.1 μm (0.01 mil/0.001 mil) on request

Measuring units: μm, MM and mil

Lowering speed:   0.8 – 5.9mm/sec

kPA:   several options

Electrical:   90 – 230 V and 50/60 Hz

Anvil dimension: several options

Languages:   9

Installation requirements: electrical 90 – 230V and 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 265 x 110 x 335 mm (LxWxH)10.4 x 4.3 x 13.2 inch

Weight: ± 13kg (28.6lbs)

Output:   RS232 and printer connection

Connection: 90-260V AC/47-63Hz

Optional/Accessories: GraphMaster™ software, Strip feeder, Foot switch, Support table.

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The Problem

A cutting-edge manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging films was searching for an oxygen transmission rate analyzer to be used within an R&D environment.

The Solution

Ultimately, it was the OxySense 8101e OTR that best fit the needs of TIPA – due to the ease of operation, excellent sensitivity and reliability, and a wide sensor range, it was able to tick all the boxes.

The Result

Due to the features of the instrument, TIPA can expand the range of the products they’re developing – a hugely beneficial factor.

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