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TBS-4A: Automatic Saw, Food cans

Automatic Twin Blade Saw for food cans double seam destructive inspection

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The TBS-4A – is our most popular automatic saw for food cans, used to cut the double seam for destructive analysis.

Net weight:  35 Kg

Can capacity:  50-250 mm diameter

Cutting time:  5 seconds (Adjustable)

Two blades:  100x22x0.5 mm or 4x1x0.02 inches.

Blades:  HSS or TiN

Cut width:  12.7mm (1/2 inch). (Right side view)

Speed:  540 RPM

Features & Benefits

Cuts identical double seams without the operator’s influence on the cut.

Clean and smooth upwards motion.

Adjustable speeds for optimal performance.

Single button starts the entire procedure.

Clean cut – perfect for SEAMetal system.

Produces ideal GR&R results, since operator strength does not matter during cut.

Replaceable HSS or TiN saw blades.

Stainless steel – prevents corrosion and staining by beverages and other materials.