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Products  > TQC Sheen Non-destructive Wood Moisture Detection Meter Caisson VI-D6

TQC Sheen Non-destructive Wood Moisture Detection Meter Caisson VI-D6

The Non-destructive Wood Moisture Detection Meter Caisson VI-D6 is an accurate moisture tester for wood and a variety of other materials. 


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Brought to you by TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, the Caisson Wood Moisture Detection meter VID6 is the ideal non-destructive tool for measuring moisture levels in wood. 

The VI-D6 digital wood testing device measures up to a depth of approximately 20 mm and can be used to examine many different types of wood. It’s a robust wood tester but comes with a plastic carry case for extra protection. 

A forest of wood testing options

The VI-D6 universal wood tester contains the calibration lines of 30 different types of wood and tests to a high degree of accuracy. It’s also a helpful moisture detector for concrete testing, anhydrite testing, estrich testing and polyester testing. 

Here are some of the materials our wood testing device will help you to test:

  • Beech  
  • Cedar 
  • Pine (kiefer, longleaf, parana, scots) 
  • Oak (white)  
  • Maple (Canadian) 
  • Red Wood  
  • Cherry  
  • Elm  
  • Larch 
  • Mahogany (Honduras, Philippine) 
  • Meranti – (red, white, yellow) 
  • Merbau 
  • Robinia 
  • Fir (douglas, red, white)  
  • Teak  
  • Wenge  
  • Concrete  
  • Plaster render  
  • GRP (Polyester). 

Our wood testing device even reacts to metal in the same way as moisture. If there’s metal – such as nails or reinforcements – in the material, the instrument will report this as containing high moisture levels. 

How does our wood moisture meter work? 

The Non-destructive Wood Moisture Detection Meter Caisson VI-D6 measures the absorption of a small electric field that it radiates. This absorption is influenced by moisture and the material density itself. Then the wood tester’s built-in microcontroller calculates the moisture percentage for the selected material. 

By pressing the push buttons on the front panel, you can directly select a type of wood, concrete, gypsum, polyester, or an expected wood density in kg/m³. 

Wood moisture meter testing measurement values

The wood testing device offers precise results that can be interpreted as follows:

  • 0-12% = DRY: a covering layer can be applied. The wood tester will indicate “dry”. 
  • 12-20% = AIR DRY: a covering layer can only be applied if the paint system has a damp subsoil acceptance up to 20%. The wood tester will indicate “moist”. 
  • 20-30% = WIND DRY: surface treatment can only be done with a moisture-permeable paint system. If multiple layers need to be applied it’s better to wait until the material is drier. The wood tester will indicate “wet”. 
  • 30% = WET: surface treatment is only possible with paint systems suitable explicitly for wet wood. The wood tester will indicate “wet”. 

The VI-D6 wood testing device gives an indication of the moisture content up to ±2 cm in depth. 

An enlightened display of wood testing 

The VI-D6 wood tester has an LCD display of 128×64 pixels with a backlight that can be controlled from 0 to 100%. The orientation of the screen switches automatically, so the text is never upside down and is always easy to read. 

Branching out into multiple languages!

Our clever wood tester gives you language options in English, Dutch, German and French.  

Wood moisture meter testing options! 

Our wood tester was created harnessing insight gained over decades of experience in the field of moisture testing.  

We are also well known for our concrete moisture testing devices which can be used as detectors or to find moisture traces or leakage. The TQC Sheen Concrete Moisture Meter is a good place to start.

Wood moisture meter testing top tips 

You’ll find helpful moisture testing insight throughout the knowledgebase section of our website where we publish articles exploring all manner of related subjects. For instance, you can read on how to check wood moisture content here.

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