5 Types of beer testing equipment to ensure product quality - Industrial Physics 5 Types of beer testing equipment to ensure product quality - Industrial Physics

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5 Types of beer testing equipment to ensure product quality

The proof of a beer is in its taste. To be confident your carefully brewed product is reaching consumers in the best possible condition, solid QA testing is your priority.

With the right materials, process and manufacturing technology, hermetically sealed cans are robust and able to withstand everything from changes in temperature to the uploading of the distribution process. But how can you be confident that your cans are up to the task?

Material and design: Beer testing

Metal cans are an increasingly popular choice for the beer industry, thanks to the infinite recyclability of aluminum and efficient sealing options. It is becoming a fierce competitor to bottling.

Beer consumers are also thirsty for innovation – resulting in a frequent need for new packaging options as well as the testing solutions able to ensure effective quality control measures. Check out the current state of the beverage industry as a whole in our report, Thirst for Perfection.

Beer Testing Equipment

Explore our range of safe and efficient technology, designed to gather the necessary data to help you ensure your beer packaging meets the necessary standards.

360 Can Inspection

This comprehensive inspection module is able to check the exterior of lithographed & labeled cans. It reads barcodes and 2D matrix codes to check for errors. It can also inspect can decorations to check for damage on the exterior. It works with a huge range of packaging options in addition to aluminum cans, including bottles.

Panel Implosion Tester

A fast, safe and accurate way to test the implosion strength of 2 piece, 2 piece Cans or PET Bottles. This product utilizes a quick-fill system. Pressure rapidly increases to a set amount, then reduces fill rate to maximize accuracy once starting pressure has been reached.

Countersink Gauge

This handy piece of equipment makes it easy to measure countersink depth on beverage and beer cans. It uses a 10 micron resolution gauge and the measurements can be quickly sent to a hosting computer, allowing accurate checking of countersinks.


Double seam inspection for craft beer cans, this convenient and trusted technology offers the most flexible solution for craft beer sellers. The software is quick and powerful, able to automatically capture and analyze the double seam with unprecedented resolution and accuracy.

Double SEAM inspection for Craft Breweries

A combined system designed especially for craft brewers, this fully integrated solution brings together everything you need to set up a seamer, analyze seams and troubleshoot seamer issues. Not only does the software alert the operator to specs that are faulty, but it can suggest ways to fix them.

Discover more testing and QA equipment in our can inspection range. For more information on the kind of challenges faced by brewers and beer packagers specifically, please download our beer packaging report.

Expert beer and beverage can testing solutions

For help setting up or improving your beer packaging testing system, be sure to chat to our knowledgeable team. We can cater to everything from micro-breweries to multinational chains. A good QA system will save you time and money – letting you keep your focus on brewing and packaging the best possible beers.

With more than 50 years of experience in beverage packaging testing, we have the benefit of expert knowledge – as well as an eye on current trends. See how we could help you with beverages of all kinds, from craft beers to sodas or carbonated waters – by getting in touch. A member of our team will reach out to you to offer you more detailed information.