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Double SEAM inspection for Craft Breweries

Complete solution for Craft Beer Seaming






This fully integrated solution brings together everything a craft brewery needs to set up a seamer, analyze seams and troubleshoot seamer issues.

In the past, craft breweries had to rely on a myriad of solutions providing them with numbers instead of simple instructions and understanding of what they are producing. This makes it extremely difficult for a brewery to set up, monitor and troubleshoot any seaming issues they may encounter – causing potential leakers and compromising their name and reputation!

The SEAM doctor system makes it all simple!

It all starts by inserting the seamer setup gauge into the seamer, easily detecting damaged tooling and faulty bearings. The seamer setup process allows a quick and accurate setup of the seamer in order to produce the best seams possible.

Next, the SEAMetal-LT is pulled into action, allowing the operator to quickly analyze and detect any problems with the seams that may be occurring.

Finally, the SEAM doctor, a part of SEAMetal is used to analyze and troubleshoot what is wrong with the seamer. Once the problem is clear, the Seamer setup gauge can be used to assist in correcting it.

Measures all critical seam dimension on craft beer cans: Seam thickness, Seam height, Overlap, Bodyhook, Coverhook and Seam Gap (optional: Countersink with gauge). When a dimension is out of specs (seam thickness too wide, overlap too small, etc), the software alerts the operator and makes suggestions on to fix it (patent pending)!

Now, you can rest easy – your seams are now completely safe for use.

Case:  Stainless steel

Interface:  USB

Supported OS:  Windows 7 and 10

Form factors:  Standard (lab) or Portable

Can sizes supported:  All beverage and beer (including crowlers!)

Measurement units:  Metric or Inch

Mandatory measurements:  Seam thickness, height, overlap, bodyhook, coverhook, seam gap

Features & Benefits

Support for Seam Thickness and Countersink Gauges!

Support from Windows 7 and 10

Multi touch screen support (zoom, pan)

Touch & Gesture support

Completely redesigned UI for supporting wider screens

New, secure database format

Improved detection algorithms

Improved image quality from optical units

Improved reports printing

Each measurement is made automatically and instantly on the seam image and compared with the specifications

Optical unit ensures image is ideal and blocks unwanted light

Measure seam thickness in the video measurement, automatically on the chuck wall angle or using our adaptive-angle Seam Thickness Gauge

Pre-focused, Pre-calibrated

Lifetime software license – no recurring costs!

Plug and play hardware

Competitive upgrades for seam inspection systems from other manufacturers!