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Steinfurth Automatic CO2 Tester CDA MK-6

Offering reliable CO2 monitoring in beverage bottles and cans, the Steinfurth Automatic C02 Tester CDA MK-6 is easy to use, has dynamic sample preparation and takes high-precision measurements.  







An automatic C02 tester

Able to operate independently with automatic sample preparation, the CDA MK C02 tester makes measuring CO2 levels easy.  

This automatic CO2 tester measures pressure and temperature simultaneously, calculates the CO2 content and transfers the measurement results via data-interface to the base-unit – giving you the results you need to quickly and accurately establish and monitor CO2 levels.  

Essential CO2 measurement for beverage industry

CO2 measurement is essential for the beverage industry because the levels affect the taste and shelf life of beverages. A continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide content is necessary to ensure a consistent quality for bottled or canned beverages.  

The Steinfurth Automatic C02 Tester CDA MK-6 is perfectly suited to providing the results needed and it offers easy adoption to all packaging and closure types, making it a flexible option for testing multiple can and bottle designs.   

Why choose the Steinfurth Automatic C02 Tester?

Dynamic sample preparation, low-maintenance construction and easy calibration ensure a high-precision measurement, making this an ideal CO2 tester. Each measurement procedure is ex-factory customized to the specific measuring medium and runs fully automated – promising reliable results right out the box! 

Highly programmable control unit 

The flexible programmable control unit writes every parameter as a measurement protocol in the internal memory, where detailed CO2-content – including pressure, temperature, date, time, current number, and serial number of the machine and specific sample code – enable a perfect conformability. 

CO2 levels perfectly visualized 

The base unit has an integrated touchpad that shows a direct, color-based classification of the measured results, so beverage quality and the CO2 levels are perfectly visualized.  

Efficient sample changes  

Different settings are very easy to access and change via barcode scanner, user interface or the customizable data interface of the CDA MK-6. So changing samples or operators remains efficient, saving you time and increasing the productivity of your beverage testing process.

How to use the CDA MK-6 C02 Tester?

The Steinfurth CDA works based on the physical law of Henry & Dalton. Place the packaged beverage in the sample container and close the measuring head to automatically pierce the sample.  

Press the Start button and measurement with integrated dynamic sample preparation will be initiated. The harmonic overhead tumbling of the sample delivers optimal physical equilibrium of the sample and assures perfect repeatability and accuracy of the measuring results. 

Once the state of equilibrium is reached, the CO2 content is automatically calculated and stored where it will then be available as digital fingerprint of the test with all recorded parameters, this can then be transferred to a PC or directly into the network. 

Interested in other ways to ensure your beverage cans and bottles are optimally designed and tested? Check out our industry guide, ‘Thirst for Perfection’ 

Package type:  bottle or can

Duration of measuring:  approx. 2 minutes

Data output:  LCD and RS 232

Power supply:  230 VAC / 115 VAC

Accuracy (pressure):  +/- 0.03 bar (0.44 PSI)

Accuracy (temperature):  +/-0.3 °C (0.54°F)

CO2 repeatability:  +/- 0.05 g/l (0.025 vol)

Max. pressure:  10 bar (145 PSI)

Package type:  bottle or can

Duration of measuring:  approx. 2 minutes

Data output:  LCD and RS 232

Power supply:  230 VAC / 115 VAC

Accuracy (pressure):  +/- 0.03 bar (0.44 PSI)

Accuracy (temperature):  +/-0.3 °C (0.54°F)

CO2 repeatability:  +/- 0.05 g/l (0.025 vol)

Max. pressure:  10 bar (145 PSI)

Features & Benefits

Quick return on investment 

QS based automatic workflow management 

Extremely repeatable results based on the physical laws of Henry and Dalton 

Easy automatic operation  

Integrated automatic sample preparation 

Easy data evaluation and PC connection 

Easy check and calibration 

Operator independent functioning 

Suitable for all carbonated beverage types 

Robust construction and low maintenance requirements  

IP-65 waterproof housing