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Introducing TAPPI T 809 - Industrial Physics

TAPPI T 809 is a TAPPI international testing standard for measuring the crushing resistance of a laboratory fluted strip of corrugating medium and estimating the potential flat crush resistance of a corrugated board. 

This TAPPI crush testing method is known as the corrugating medium test (CMT) and it’s used to inspect the rigidity of a corrugate’s fluted structure, one of the essential characteristics of corrugated board and flat crush resistance.  

The corrugating medium test (CMT) enables you to evaluate a corrugating medium before it is fabricated into a combined board. The flat crush test helps you to judge whether your chosen sample is fit for fabrication.  

TAPPI T 809 crush testing apparatus  

To perform a successful TAPPI T 809 compression strength test you’ll need the following apparatus: 

  • Flexible beam compression or rigid-platen testing machine 
  • Medium fluter 
  • Rack and comb 
  • Pressure sensitive tape 

TAPPI T 809 compression strength testing  

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your TAPPI T 809 compression strength testing? 

Messmer Buchel Crush Tester 17-56 

The Crush Tester 17-56 is suitable for a wide variety of samples, including corrugated board, tubes, corrugated paper and plastics. It features a precision load cell, making it highly accurate, even at low force values. 

Testing Machines Inc. Vertical Fluter 75-08 

The Vertical Fluter 75-08 is a simplistically designed, temperature-controlled board testing device that simulates the corrugating process. Our board corrugator is packed with lots of features to make your life simpler. The simple vertical design makes light work of sample feeding, while the easy to access fluter rolls make inspection and calibration a doddle.  

Need TAPPI T 809 crush testing solutions? Get in touch

At Industrial Physics it’s our job to give you complete control of your compression strength testing! We’ve been designing and building crush testers for many years and we’ve learnt a thing or two about paper testing best practice along the way.  

We like to share this expertise across the knowledgebase section of our website where you’ll find blogs like this one which explores some of the key crush testing standards. Or if you want something more practical, you could check out our conversion chart for edge crush testing here. 

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch!  

Contact us - Industrial Physics 

Your global test and inspection partner for TAPPI T 809