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International Standards

ISO 1518

Introducing ISO 1518 - Industrial Physics
ISO 1518 is a global standard to determine the resistance of paints, coatings and varnishes by scratching with a hemispherically tipped needle or similar.

Abrasion and scratch resistance describes the ability of a material to resist various types of damage such as scratches, gouges, wear and other flaws. Is your test and inspection up to scratch?

The ISO 1518 test method works with both single coatings and multi-coat systems. The stylus needle penetrates the substrate, unless you’re dealing with a multi-coat system. In this case the scratch test can be set up to inspect the penetration of the substrate or an intermediate coat.
ISO 1518 scratch testing process
There are two main ways to approach the ISO 1518 scratch test:

As a ‘pass / fail’ test: testing with a single specified load applied to the stylus to assess conformity with a particular specification
As an assessment test by applying increasing loads to the stylus to determine the minimum load at which the coating is penetrated.

ISO 1518 testing devices
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 1518 testing?

When you need to analyze how your products will respond to everyday wear and tear, a scratch tester will do the job. Whether you make car doors, construction beams or beverage cans…we have the scratch testing equipment you need.

Mechanized scratch tester

Crafted by TQC Sheen, our specialist paint testing brand, our mechanized scratch tester is just what you need to evaluate the hardness of your coatings using the scratch resistance method.

A test panel is clamped and slowly moved whilst a stylus or alternative tool scratches the surface. Depending on test procedures, specified or variable loads can be applied to obtain different degrees of failure, from trace to destruction.

Our mechanized scratch tester comes with the weight set required by ISO 1518-1. The weight set specified by the preceding international standard, ISO 1518, is optionally available.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 1518