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Products  > CMC-KUHNKE Visionary QC™9 Software

CMC-KUHNKE Visionary QC™9 Software

When it comes to dynamic data collection and statistical production analysis software, Visionary QC™ laboratory quality control software offers you unrivaled insight for process control.     


Brought to you by CMC-KUHNKE, our specialist metal testing brand, version 9.0 of the popular QC software series comes packed with innovative features.

Automatic email reports

Schedule inspection, seamer head and other customizable trend reports to arrive in your inbox – sent via FTP – with as much information, as often as required. You can even use our QC software to export, import, archive and generate reports without disrupting active inspections.

Gauge input plausibility limits

No more false readings with our visionary software! When gauges aren’t used properly, Visionary QC software alerts you and asks you to repeat the measurement.

Automatic re-check option

CMC software allows you to control what triggers any re-check (out of control, out of spec etc) and can customize the re-check inspection – how many cans, adjacent heads, recheck specifications.

Fully-customizable inspections

Have a can that requires a novel seam inspection procedure? Want to collect data from other types of gauges? Visionary QC software does more than just seam inspections – it’s a complete QA data acquisition software that accepts data from any RS232 output.

Real-time SPC trend analysis

Our laboratory quality control software enables you to perform visionary plots trend analysis by seamer head on the inspection screen. Operators and supervisors respond to out of spec readings armed with immediate historical data for that head.

Add more to your inspections

If it’s important, then you can track it. CMC software lets you control what information you add to your inspections – from end code, body code, can and end manufacturer, sample time, products or even the day’s weather conditions! Include your chosen identifiers on your inspection reports and use them to filter data during report generation.

Custom report templates

You decide what reports you need, what they look like and when they’re generated. You can also save standard report formats for future use using visionary software.

Flexible database set-up options

Store the data directly to your PC’s hard drive in stand-alone set up, or connect the PC’s in your lab to create a multiple workstation network. Or use our QC software in ‘enterprise mode’ to link multiple workstations – or even multiple plants –  to a single SQL database. Plus it’s compatible with PostgreSQL, SQL server or Oracle.

A talented linguist!

Our laboratory quality control software will present information in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and many other common languages.

On-screen validation

Visionary software’s ‘LiveView’ system lets you see values on-screen before accepting measurements.

Windows 7/8/10 compatible

Our QC software is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32bit and 64bit.

Attributive characteristics mode

Use our laboratory quality control software to create discrete names to label your results in a table of values: pass / fail, sharp/ not sharp, dark / light.

Integration of SEAMview 6.0 Software

This powerful QC software program combines a single software for capturing, measuring and storing your seam images. Your images can be displayed during inspections for easy review and access.

Awesome output options

Generate PDF documents quickly and easily from the print dialog with our QC software. Send them via email, or FTP.

Graphing display capability

CMC software features gauges that will display graphical representations of measurement data within the reports: a visual aid to help you understand the information collected.

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Success Stories

The problem

Canning production line problems are time consuming and costly. At some point many food and beverage companies encounter an issue with the seams of their cans, as was the case for a major brewery we work with.

The solution

Our customer needed a reliable machine to measure everything from seam thickness, height and gap through to countersink depth and overlap. The SEAMscan SPC System, an affordable, high-resolution tool for double seam inspection and measurement, solved their problem.

The result

‍Gicole Patterson of Blues City Brewery said:


“We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their (the IP technical support team’s) dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!”

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