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Steinfurth Carbonation Tester

steinfurth carbonation tester

… for perfect CO2-measurement in fountain beverages, tanks or on the line

TQC Sheen Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester

Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester

Make sure your paints, varnishes and coatings are up to scratch with our industry-leading scrub abrasion and washability tester.

TQC Sheen Comprehensive Abrasion Test

comprehensive abrasion test

A universal test machine for testing coating abrasion resistance on beverage cans or flat materials. It mimics in-the-field transportation to test for abrasion damage, to help improve quality control. 

CMC-KUHNKE Food Can Controller FCC-3000


Our CMC-KUHNKE Food Can Controller FCC-3000 was especially developed to measure multiple parameters of your can.

CMC-KUHNKE Beverage Can Controller BCC-3000


Our CMC-KUHNKE Beverage Can Controller BCC-3000 was especially developed to measure multiple parameters of factory finished or filled cans. 

CMC-KUHNKE PNR-V-Buckle Tester


Our CMC-KUHNKE PNR-V-Buckle Tester was developed for testing the performance of seamed ends on cans under pressure.

Steinfurth NICOlab


The NICOLAB is an advanced bench-top CO2 analyzer that offers accurate non-destructive testing of CO2 in filled beverage containers. 

Steinfurth Torque Tester TS 500


Manual, mobile closure torque measuring

Steinfurth Torque Measuring System TMS 2000


Manual closure torque measuring

Steinfurth Torque Measuring System TMS 5010


A reliable torque measurement tool offering an accurate method for determining the torque needed to open or close bottle caps. 

Steinfurth Automatic CDA MK-6 CO2 Tester


Offering reliable CO2 monitoring in beverage bottles and cans, the Steinfurth Automatic C02 Tester CDA MK-6 is easy to use, has dynamic sample preparation and takes high-precision measurements.  

Steinfurth NICO


Enjoy fast, easy and non-destructive CO2 measurement for filled beverage containers with the Steinfurth NICO. Check the amount of dissolved CO2 gas in a variety of filled containers.  

United Testing UTM (Universal Testing Machine) DTM 50-100 kN Table Top


United’s DSTM-50 and 100KN Universal Testing Machine (UTM) test frame is ideal for testing samples up to 100kN (22,200 lbf.). From basic tension and compression testing to advanced materials testing the DSTM 50 and 100kN are versatile test systems used across virtually all industries.

TQC Sheen Coatmaster Flex


Coatmaster Flex measures coating thickness immediately after application. Use Coatmaster Flex for measuring wet and cured/dried powders and paints.

CMC-KUHNKE Seam Stripper 1000


The CMC-KUHNKE Seam Stripper 1000 is an affordable and robust can seam stripper for teardown analysis. It’s a fast, efficient and a safe alternative to manual double seam strippers.  

Systech Illinois GS6000 Headspace Analyzers


An oxygen headspace analyzer and carbon dioxide gas analyzer ideal for modified atmosphere packaged (MAP) product testing and quality control. GS6000 is a reliable and low-cost option.

Displaying 1 - 16 of 90 products

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