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Steinfurth Past Control System

The Steinfurth Past Control equipment for pasteurization gives you precise pasteurization monitoring results, whether you’re making canned or bottled products. 


Brought to you by Steinfurth, our electromechanical testing specialist brand, our Past Control equipment for pasteurization simplifies the pasteurization process. It’s relied upon by companies across the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and flexible packaging sectors.  

If you produce pasteurized beverages then you know that the ability to control and monitor the pasteurization process is essential. If the pasteurization is insufficient then you end up with a product that’s unacceptable from a microbiological perspective. If the pasteurization process goes too far then the taste can be affected.  

So you need the right equipment for pasteurization to accurately measure pasteurizing units (PU) in a controlled and consistent manner.  

Simplified pasteurization monitoring

The Steinfurth Past Control system simplifies the pasteurization monitoring process in a safe and user-friendly manner.  You can read the PU value from the monitor’s clear display – directly at the pasteurizer line – and evaluate the test results from a PC.  

The cleverly engineered software lets you view your results on graphical displays and your pasteurization monitoring data is clearly arranged and stored for future analysis. All of the measurement data is traceable because each file includes a timestamp and a line ID code. Plus an unlimited number of loggers can be used. 

The Steinfurth Past Control equipment for pasteurization works equally well with bottles and cans of various shapes and sizes.  

What’s included with the Past Control system? 

When you invest in our Steinfurth equipment for pasteurization you get: a pasteurization temperature sensor and logger; a PU monitor with interface (including PC software)’ and handy adapters for cans and bottles.  

Pasteurization monitoring process 

Our pasteurization temperature sensor and logger is attached to the container and travels through the tunnel pasteurizer. At the same time the temperature at the coldest spot inside the container is measured and recorded. Using the dual channel version of the Past Control equipment for pasteurization you can record the spray temperature too.  

Once the pasteurization temperature sensor and logger have left the tunnel pasteurizer it’s connected to the PU monitor so you can read the pasteurizing units (PU) from a display. Then the pasteurization temperature sensor and logger can be started again, ready for the next recording. The previous recordings remain in the logger’s memory and can be evaluated later. 

Versatile equipment for pasteurization

With the Past Control pasteurization monitoring device you get a choice of single or dual channel temperature measuring. We make both standard and special probe sizes and these can be fitted to bottles or cans using our adapters.  

Memorable, programmable pasteurization monitoring  

The Steinfurth Past Control has storage memory for up to 255 recordings. It gives you complete control over your pasteurization monitoring with programmable PU parameters, measuring intervals and line ID’s. You can even establish password protected parameters.  

Pasteurization monitoring portfolio  

Industrial Physics makes a range of instruments and accessories to support your pasteurization monitoring and similar processes.  

For example, take a look at the Steinfurth Clean Control System which is used to monitor the temperature in bottle washers. This helps with bottle cleaning, sterilization, autoclaving and CIP processes.  

Then why not check out the rest of the products in the diverse Steinfurth portfolio? 


SKU: 00010140

Applications: Materials Testing

Materials: Glass, Plastics and Polymers

Container type: bottle or can

Channels: one (cold spot) or two (cold spot and spray)

Memory: 540672 measurements (1 channel) 2 x 270336 measurements (2 ch.)

Interval: programmable (1s…24h)

Measuring range: -5°C … 80°C (32°F … 176°F) (-5°C…105°C / 23°F…221°F opt.)

Accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C (+/- 0.18°F)

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The problem

Increasing numbers of companies are seeking planet-protecting sustainable packaging options. Many want to work with biodegradable polymers, but are finding their traditional testing methods aren’t suitable.

The goal

Aquapak were looking for a novel approach to water vapor transmission testing (WVTR) and we worked together to strive towards a sustainable solution towards testing hydrophilic films.

The result

Being able to build a relationship with Industrial Physics and leverage their expertise in packaging barriers was critical to the success of this programme.”

Max Phippard, Quality Control Manager at Aquapak

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