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Fully-Automatic End Measurement Gauge

Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening, Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit, and the option of First Bead Height.






The fully-automated, multi-diameter AUTO-EMS End Measurement Station provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can-end, substantially increasing time savings over manual gauges.

maximum positions:  16 points around the end (end rotated automatically)

Maximum Diameter:  200 (57mm) to 603 (164mm)

Maximum Height:  up to 0.4in (10mm)

measurement units:  In, mm

resolution:  0.00004 in (0,001 mm) 0.0004 in (0,01 mm) for Curl Diameter, Inside Curl Diameter and Chuck Fit (Results must be rounded)

accuracy:  ±0.00008 in (±0.002 mm) except all diameter related dimensions (see below) ±0.0006 in (±0.015 mm) for Curl Diameter, Inside Curl Diameter and Chuck Fit

output:  RS232 Computer Interface

electrical power required:  100/240VAC 50-60Hz

air pressure:  6 bar (90 psi)

size:  2970 mm x 1420 mm x 2100 mm (117 in x 56 in x 83 in)

languages:  English, French, German

Features & Benefits

Faster Inspection Time

Fully-Automated Measurement and Handling

Automated End Rotation

Increased Accuracy

Automatic Measurements

Eliminates Operator Error

Unsurpassed R&R

No Change Parts or Adjustment Necessary for different end sizes

Entirely Customizable

Ends measured in up to 50 positions around the circumference of the end

Easy to use calibration/verification mode (with calibration piece)