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Products  > CMC-KUHNKE Fully-Automatic End Measurement Gauge

CMC-KUHNKE Fully-Automatic End Measurement Gauge

The AUTO-EMS end measurement station is an inexpensive and feature-rich countersink gauge for any type of easy open end metal package.  


Brought to you by CMC-KUHNKE, our specialist metal inspection brand, the fully-automated, multi-diameter AUTO-EMS End Measurement Station provides accurate measurements for every characteristic of an open end metal package.  

The difference between a good end and an end that doesn’t open – or a tab that breaks off – is only a few microns. Therefore high accuracy repeatable measurements are essential.  

Our automatic gauge is an inexpensive, accurate and feature-rich gauging solution for any type of can with an easy open end. It offers you precise, countersink gauge testing and significant cost savings compared to using a manual gauge. 

Consistent countersink gauge testing

Our expertise in optics, software and laser technologies provides a reliable accurate measurement, improving the accuracy and repeatability regardless of the user. There is absolutely no subjectivity risk – different operators will get the same result. 

What does our automatic gauge inspect?

Using the CMC-KUHNKE AUTO EMS you can inspect all of the following measurements:  

  • Curl diameter 
  • Curl height 
  • Countersink height 
  • Curl opening 
  • Curl width 
  • Curl length 
  • Inside curl diameter 
  • Chuck fit 
  • First bead height (optional)

Crack open our can inspection equipment portfolio

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of automatic gauges and vision based can inspection equipment for all types of cans and QA demands.  

For example, the QBV Pop and Tear Tester is a high accuracy, programmable and automatic can inspection system. It measures the force needed to pop and tear an easy open food or beverage end or peel off end. 

Alternatively, check out the 360° Can Inspection module, a highly accurate, reliable and proven mix-up and integrity detection system for lithographed and labeled cans. 

If you work with aluminum or steel cans, the SEAMscan XTS III will increase the accuracy of your double seam inspection testing and reduce spoilage – saving you time and money. 

Can inspection equipment expertise

Over many decades of creating vision based can inspection equipment we’ve learnt a lot about optimal processes to follow and building the most reliable, accurate devices. We like to share the insight we’ve gained across the knowledgebase section of our website.  

We’ve published lots of blogs relating to can inspection equipment. Like this piece – 2-piece Vs 3-piece cans: choosing the right packaging. Or this one which explores some commonly asked questions relating to can seam inspection.  

If you appreciate this type of can inspection equipment content then take some time to explore our website. You’ll find lots more blogs, videos and advice from our experts. 


SKU: 014 000:00

Applications: Aerosol Testing, Beverage Testing, Can Inspection

Materials: Metals

Maximum positions: 16 points around the end (end rotated automatically)

Maximum diameter: 200 (57mm) to 603 (164mm)

Maximum height: up to 0.4in (10mm)

Measurement units: In, mm

Resolution: 0.00004 in (0,001 mm) 0.0004 in (0,01 mm) for curl diameter, inside curl diameter and chuck fit (results must be rounded)

Accuracy: ±0.00008 in (±0.002 mm) except all diameter related dimensions (see below) ±0.0006 in (±0.015 mm) for curl diameter, inside curl diameter and chuck fit

Output: RS232 computer interface

Electrical power required: 100/240VAC 50-60Hz

Air pressure: 6 bar (90 psi)

Dimensions: 2970 mm x 1420 mm x 2100 mm (117 in x 56 in x 83 in)

Languages: English, French, German

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