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Double Seam Inspection (Seam Height, Body Hook, Cover Hook, Overlap, Seam Gap, % Body Hook Butting) and Wrinkle Rating (% Tightness)







The new 3rd Generation XTS is a stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive, double seam inspection for round cans (aluminum or steel). The gauge performs both non-destructive cross-sectional measurements and a 360° tightness scan. The system provides faster inspection results, and reduced labor costs.

Cans are manually loaded into the device, then all measurements are performed automatically. Cans may be held for additional testing or be sent back into production. XTS virtual seam teardown technology provides highly accurate double seam inspection data, while dramatically reducing product spoilage.

Maximum size:  603 (153 mm), 0.5 in (12mm) Altura

Minimum size:  109 (40 mm), 9.5in (240mm) Altura

Measurement units:  In, mm, %

Resolution Virtual SeamTM:  ±0.003mm,

Resolution Virtual TeardownTM (Wrinkle):  1%, Graphical 5%

Virtual Seam Accuracy:  ± 0.0005 in (0.01 mm)

Virtual Teardown ± (Wrinkle Tightness):  5%

Electrical power required:  100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

Size:  50-153 mm (200 to 603) or 40-127 mm (109 to 502)

Languages:  English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Latvian, Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Spanish. Other languages available upon request

Features & Benefits

Faster and safer than conventional cross-sectional methods

No product spoilage

Proven and patented technology

360° measurement

Complete tightness scan

Operator independent

World class R&R

Data sent automatically to Visionary QC™ or other data acquisition and SPC reporting software

Automatic wrinkle identification

Automatic Dimple Detection

Automatic tab detection

Automatic weld-seam detection

Excellent X-Ray-shielding (TÜV Rheinland tested and certified to < 0.1 mSv per year)

Easy to use calibration / verification mode (with calibration piece)

Works with Visionary QC™ SPC Software

Easy-to-use Statistical Process Control for quick analysis of can inspection data

Flexible, secure database

Intuitive inspection reports may be shared and exported

Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs

Improved handling and increased versatility, speed and precision, enabled by new generation image processing

New faster and high accuracy dosage x-ray exposing system

Higher voltage and improved exposure control allows wider range of can types

Easy to set up and use through simplified user interface

Large touchscreen for controlling the gauge and the data

Compact design now with integrated PC – no external connections, only power cable required

Simplified user interface and enhanced presentation

New intuitive wrinkle visualization

Enhanced multi diameter quick can clamp reliably handles a wider range of can sizes and types

Improved maintenance – 270° access for maintenance and cleaning

Easy to clean with added drainage