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If you work with aluminum or steel cans, the SEAMscan XTS III will increase the accuracy of your double seam inspection testing, reduce spoilage, and save you time and money. 


Brought to you by CMC-Kuhnke, our world-leading canning inspection company, this non-destructive inspection machine provides fast, automatic results.  

It’s a powerful double seam inspection tool that will accurately measure the double seam of any round can (seam height, body hook, cover hook, overlap, seam gap, and % body hook butting). You’ll soon identify any welds, dimples or welts in your metals with our innovative wrinkle rating (% tightness) technology.  

This third generation of our popular SEAMscan XTS double seam inspection equipment is a stand-alone measurement system. The accurate gauge performs fast cross-sectional measurements and 360° tightness scans that reduce your labor costs. 

Safe, fast and precise double seam inspection  

When you use the SEAMscan XTS III double seam inspection tool you’ll be protected by excellent X-Ray-shielding (TÜV Rheinland tested and certified to < 0.1 mSv per year).  

This latest model features improved handling and increased versatility and precision, enabled by new generation image processing.  

PC friendly double seam inspection equipment

It’s so easy to download your double seam inspection results to a PC for further analysis. You only need the power cable supplied – there’s no external connections required.  

Our double seam inspection equipment works seamlessly with Visionary QC™ SPC Software and you can track trends and statistics with SPC graphs. 

Double seam inspection drainage

The SEAMscan XTS III has added drainage for easy cleaning and excellent accessibility (270°) for maintenance. 

A no-fuss double seam inspection machine

The SEAMscan XTS III double seam inspection device was designed and built to be as easy to clean, calibrate and maintain as possible. 

Good looking double seam inspection devices

Our double seam inspection tools are crafted with an elegant stainless-steel housing that will take pride of place in your workshop, laboratory or on the factory floor. 

Double seam inspection equipment

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of double seam inspection tools and accessories. For starters, did you know we make a double seam inspection device specifically for aerosol cans? Or this one that was designed and built for the beverage industry? Also, make sure to check out the CMC KUHNKE AUTO-XTS, our fully-automated, on-line or stand-alone measurement system. 

Double down on seam inspection knowledge 

Over the decades we’ve learnt a thing or two about measuring metal packaging seams and building exceptional double seam inspection tools. It would be selfish to keep all of this useful info in-house…so we like to share! 

For example, we’ve published a few blogs here to help people learn. First up, here you can discover the basics of can inspection. Then if you have any questions – check out this FAQ guide we have written on double seam inspection.   

We really know our stuff when it comes to double seam inspection – but don’t just take our word for it! Click here to read how our equipment and expertise helped a major brewery with a tricky canning conundrum. 

How to use our double seam inspection equipment

Using our industry-leading double seam inspection equipment couldn’t be easier! The process looks like this:  

  1. Simply load your cans into the SEAMscan XTS III double seam inspection tool and we’ll take it from there.  
  2. All of your double seam inspection measurements are quickly performed automatically. 
  3. When the tests are done, you get insightful data in an easy-to-read and understand format. 
  4. Your cans may be held for additional testing or effortlessly sent back into production.  

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SKU: 490 500:00

Applications: Beverage Testing, Can Inspection, Double Seam Inspection

Materials: Metals

Maximum size: 603 (153 mm), 0.5 in (12mm) Altura

Minimum size: 109 (40 mm), 9.5in (240mm) Altura

Measurement units: In, mm, %

Resolution virtual seamTM:   ±0,004mm

Resolution virtual teardownTM (Wrinkle): TBD

Virtual seam accuracy: ± 0.0005 in (0.01 mm)

Virtual teardown ± (wrinkle tightness):   TBD

Electrical power required: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: Height 850mm, Width 1240mm and open door 1650mm, Depth 712mm

Languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Latvian, Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Spanish. Other languages available upon request

Weight: ca. 250 Kg

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The Problem

With rising pressures on canneries and can makers to increase productivity, minimize both changeover time and unplanned stops – while ensuring higher quality closures – accurate seamer setup is vital.  

The Solution

Our customer needed a reliable instrument to speed up their seamer changeovers. We presented the ‘perfect’ solution in the Quality By Vision Clearance Gauge. It takes the guesswork out of seamer setup, improves seam integrity, increases uptime and rapidly makes changeovers. 

The Result

A spokesperson for industry-leading metal packaging  manufacturer Caniel said: “The team at Industrial Physics identified the perfect solution for our testing requirements and this has been a huge benefit for us.” 

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