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Products  > TQC Sheen CurveX 3 Nano Oven recorder for can coaters

TQC Sheen CurveX 3 Nano Oven recorder for can coaters

The CurveX 3 Nano is a 4-channel oven data logger specially designed for can coaters. It makes temperature data logging easy, so you can ensure that the time-temperature cycle during can coating is at the required level.  


The CurveX 3 Nano Oven recorder for can coaters

Keep an eye on the time-temperature cycle during can coating, with this efficient oven data logger that’s very easy to operate. The device winds through the conveying system in the oven alongside the cans being coated to make up a complete temperature profile. 

With help of paint cure specifications, it determines the curing process by calculating the cure index for you, enabling a simple pass/fail setup. From a computer, you can analyze all gathered data with TQC Ideal Finish Analysis software and print a report with all measurement data and graphs. 

Improve the efficiency of your process and save energy, by using the CurveX Oven Data Logger to determine the exact heat and amount of time your can coatings need to cure.  

An oven data logger that’s built to last

The CurveX 3 Nano is built into a stainless-steel casing and has a can shaped form factor. The housing is extremely durable and impact resistant. It also features industrial type USB connectors and rechargeable batteries. It comes factory calibrated and has a large memory and 10 different batches to store data.  

4-channel input 

The TQC Sheen CurveX 3 Oven Data Logger has four thermocouple type K inputs to be used to measure either surface or air temperature. It comes complete with 4 wire probes and self-adhesive attachment pads to position the probes, which are usually attached to a real can on the next pin. 

Both inside or outside end-caps 

Designed to test the coating both inside and outside a can, this Oven Data Logger comes complete with end caps designed for each application. 

How to use the TQC CurveX 3 Nano

The CurveX Oven Data Logger is easy to use, here’s how to get started.   

Step 1. Set the paint type and other parameters of the CurveX 3 Nano with the Ideal Finish Analysis software on your PC: 

  • Connect the CurveX 3 Nano with your PC using the USB data cable. 
  • Choose User settings in the Logger menu and follow the wizard. 
  • Disconnect the logger from the computer 

Step 2. Choose your end cap. There are separate caps for outside or inside can coatings.  

Step 3. Connect the temperature probes to the input points (position 7) of the CurveX 3 Nano. Guide the sensor wires through the cable outlet. Place the end-cap and secure it by tightening the lock screw. 

Step 4. Press the POWER button (position 1) for one second to switch on. 

Step 5. Press the START button (position 2). All 3 LED’s (position 4, 5 and 6) will blink once. The logging LEDwill blink blue at the specified logging interval. 

Step 6. Place the other end-cap and secure it by tightening the lock screw. 

Step 7. Mount the CurveX 3 Nano logger onto the oven chain pins. 

Step 8. Send the system through the oven and then remove the instrument as soon as possible. The paint LED (position 5) blinks green after a full cure or red after a partial cure. 

Step 9. Stop the recording process by pressing the STOP button (position 3). 

Step 10. Download the results with Ideal Finish Analysis 

Scope of supply

  • CX3040 CurveX 3 Nano 
  • CL0018 Factory calibrated, calibration certificate included 
  • CX5010 Ideal Finish Analysis Software license 
  • CM1105 USB cable 
  • GL0103 USB memory stick 
  • CX3060 Plastic carrying case 
  • CX9090 4x Thermocouple wire probes. 
  • CX2205 Set of 25 Self-adhesive attachment pads (T=250°C/482°F) 


SKU: CX3040

Applications: Temperature and Climatic Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Metals, Steel

Measuring range: 0°C to 300°C / 32°F to 572°F

Operating temperature: 0°C to 60°C / 32°F to 140°F

Maximum time in oven:  10 minutes at 300 °C / 10 minutes at 572 °F – 12 minutes at 250 °C / 10 minutes at 482 °F – 15 minutes at 200 °C / 10 minutes at 392 °F – 19 minutes at 150 °C / 10 minutes at 302 °F – 30 minutes at 100 °C / 10 minutes at 212 °F

Accuracy: ±1°C / 1.8°F

Channels: 4

Sample interval time: 1s to 60 min

Memory: 10 batches with 16000, or 1 batch with 160000 readings

Display: Three multi-colour LED’s

Interface: USB

Housing material: 51 x 210 mm / 2.00 x 8.27 inch

Power supply: Rechargeable battery

Battery life time: 120 hour continuous use

Weight: 850 g / 30 oz

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