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Temperature and Climatic Testing

Real world test and inspection solutions

Your products will be exposed to a range of temperatures and climatic conditions as they’re shipped, stored and used for purpose.

From heat to cold, humidity to pressure, it’s important to know how the goods you design and make will withstand the trials of different environments.

Our robust and reliable inspection devices create the environmental testing requirements of the paint, plastic, packaging, paper, board, electronic, automotive, aerospace, military, textile, and telecommunications industries.

Pioneering designs have made Industrial Physics a world leader in the manufacture of accelerated corrosion and environmental test cabinets. They reproduce test conditions of high humidity at constant or cycling temperatures demanded by modern industry – even for coastal environments.

Our temperature and climate testing cabinets are reliable, easy to operate, and will enable you to test to even the stringent of international testing standards. You can even create a realistic coastal environment in conjunction with our salt fog condenser boxes.

Temperature and climate testing and product conditioning is of vital importance to the research chemist, development engineer, and quality assurance manager. Checking that each product is researched, developed, and manufactured to a standard guaranteed to survive the environment for which it’s designed is nothing short of critical.


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