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TQC Sheen Ideal Finish Analysis Software

TQC Sheen Ideal Finish Analysis software is designed to download CurveX oven logger and DewCheck logger data to a computer, analyze the curing and environmental data and print reports. The TQC Sheen Ideal Finish Analysis software is free of charge.



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Oven Profiling has never been easier

Oven profiling has been fundamental across the coating industry, and the latest technological developments can provide production managers and engineers powerful information about their production processes.

To guarantee finish quality, it is necessary to collect accurate information about the temperatures being experienced by a coated product throughout the oven curing process. Each powder coating will have specific cure information (time and temperature values), provided by the coating manufacturers.

In order to collect temperature information as experienced by the product, an oven temperature logger must travel with the products through the oven. This provides a complete in-process journey, profiling the oven temperatures and its performance with real and accurate data.

Information captured by an advanced oven data logger system such as the CurveX can:

• Identify temperature fluctuations

• Reduce energy costs and save money by increasing line speeds or lowering oven temperatures

• Optimize production processes

• Provides data to prove product quality and meet specification

Reduce time and costs

TQC Sheen Ideal Finish Analysis software, using upfront setup ovens and paint types can, combined with the retrieved data, produces a graphical representation and report of the paint curing process.

Such curing insights can lead to dramatic improvement in the production processes. From reducing the time the coated product is in the oven to reducing the oven temperature to run more efficiently and safe on time and energy cost.

The TQC Sheen Ideal Finish Analysis software is free of charge.

Ideal Finish Analysis allows the user to setup ovens with separate areas like curing and cooling as well as different paint types with their curing temperatures and times.

Features & Benefits

Allows the user to analyze data from various loggers

Cure for the TQC Sheen CurveX loggers

Climate for the TQC Sheen DewCheck

Thickness for the Defelsko PosiTector 6000

Gloss for the TQC Sheen Glossmeter