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Products  > CMC-KUHNKE BCL-3000L Beverage End Buckle Tester

CMC-KUHNKE BCL-3000L Beverage End Buckle Tester

When you need to know the amount of pressure a can can take before it buckles or bursts, you’ll reveal the information you need using the BCL-3000L Beverage End Buckle Tester. 


Developed by CMC-KUHNKE, our metal testing specialist brand, this industry-leading burst tester measures the pressure at which a beverage can’s ends will buckle or easy-open ends and peel seal ends will burst. 

Burst strength testing and buckle testing are great ways to find out just how much pressure your cans can take and how they will perform in the real world. By increasing the pressure level on your products, our technology will find their maximum burst pressure and demonstrate where, why, and when they fail. 

How does the BCL-3000L burst tester work?

The BCL-3000L burst tester applies consistent, even pressure until you either see a can buckle with an obvious twisting or crumpling of the metal…or it bursts. The peel seal “bursts” or separates from the can end. 

Easy-to-use bursting strength tester

Our burst tester is so easy-to-use and it requires very little training before an operator can perform consistently reliable burst tests and buckle tests. It’s designed for your convenience – so end holders can be exchanged in just seconds.  

‘Quick fill’ testing 

The ‘quick fill’ feature of our burst tester rapidly increases the pressure to a set amount. Once it’s ready at the starting pressure then the tester reduces the fill rate to optimize its accuracy. 

Burst tester data transfer 

The burst tester pressure value is saved within the unit and may be read from the touchscreen display and sent via the built-in serial interface. Data is also available for transfer directly into Visionary QC™ or other data acquisition software. 

Bursting with burst tester options

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of bursting strength testers and accessories.  

For example, the AUTO-EMS end measurement station is an inexpensive and feature-rich countersink gauge for any type of easy open end metal package. 

The ABT-3100 burst tester was designed to check the pressure at which an aerosol can’s end will buckle and burst. It’s ideal for the burst testing of two and three piece cans and it can be adapted to suit monobloc, PET, and aluminum bottles and aerosol cans with non-standard openings.  

Industrial Physics burst testing expertise!

Over many decades of creating burst testers and high pressure equipment we have learnt a lot about building the most reliable, accurate devices and how to get the most from your burst tester. We like to share the insight we’ve gained across the knowledgebase section of our website.  

Interested in finding out more about just how crucial burst testing is when it comes to medical products? Check out our FAQ guide to burst testing medical packages. Then perhaps follow up with this blog which explores the main differences between burst testing and peel testing.


SKU: 072 000:00

Applications: Beverage Testing, Burst Testing, Can Inspection

Materials: Metals

Burst tester accuracy: ±0.25% of full scale

Maximum positions: marks allocation; 1-20

Range: dia. 50-153mm (200-603) with change parts

Maximum size: 209

Minimum size: 200

Measurement units: bar, kPa, psi

Output: RS232 computer interface

Air pressure: 10 bar (pressure booster required, if only 6 bar in plant available)

Electrical power: 120 / 230 VAC 50-60hz

Weight: 30.5kg

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 360mm (12in x 12in x 14in)

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, others available upon request

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The Problem

To taste success in the beverage industry you need a perfect blend of the right recipe and enticing, professional packaging. If your labelling lets you down then you risk putting off your customers before they even take a sip.  

The Solution

Our customer needed an advanced label inspection machine to guarantee packaging quality across their diverse portfolio of bottled beverages for soft drinks, beers and juices. We presented the ideal solution in the Eagle Vision 360° Label Inspection module, our industry-leading label testing device.   

The Result

Our label inspection machine captures images and rotates them to identify a match. It uses high-resolution, full color cameras and reads numbers – so it performs advanced functions like scanning best before dates. The team at A. Le Coq can now confidently check every aspect of their labels far beyond their existing ability.  

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