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75-59 Heat Sealer TS-4 with Interchangeable Seal Jaws

Digital heat sealer with advanced control features including force transducer seal jaw feedback control for precision seal pressure, and interchangeable jaws.








The TS-4 Heat Seal tester produces consistent and accurate seals utilizing a precision load cell system which measures and displays the total force applied to the film sample. An integrated Digital Electronic Controller displays sealing force, load tare functionality, and dual selectable timer set points.

The 75-59 TS-4 features interchangeable seal jaws:

This unit can be used with quick change interchangeable jaws
Optional selectable on/off switch for lower temperature controller

Optional Seal Jaws (Sold Separately)
One set of quick-change upper and lower seal jaws 25.4 x 101.6 mm (1 x 4 in) (steel-dyclad coated), other sizes available, please specify
One upper quick-change steel jaw (dyclad coated) and one lower quick-change (polymer) seal jaw 25.4 x 101.6 mm (1 x 4 in)
One set of quick-change upper and lower seal jaws with special pattern, please specify
Optional Film Sample Loading Devices
Shelf Film sample tray
Stationary one-piece design
Manual Sliding Tray
Precision bearing guided slide table design
Magnetic film sample hold down
Repeatable film sample presentation

Sealing Temperature
Range: Ambient 205°C (400°F)
Resolution: 0.1 Degrees

Sealing Force
Range Minimum: 9 kg (20 lb)
Range Maximum: 72.5 kg (160 lb)
Resolution: 0.1

Sealing Dwell Time
Range Minimum: 100ms
Range Maximum: 99s
Resolution: 10ms

Load Cell
Capacity: 136 kg (300 lb)
Accuracy: 0.09 kg (0.2 lbs)
Repeatability: 0.09 kg (0.2 lbs)
Calibration: 5-Point Accredited

Power:  110V to 240VAC 50/60 Hz

Air (clean, dry):  621-827 kPa (90PSI – 120PSI), 689kPa (100PSI) Recommended

W x D x H:  25.4 cm x 30.4 cm x 54.6 cm (10 in x 12 in x 21.5 in)

Weight (approx.):  20.4 kg (45 lbs. )

Features & Benefits

Digitally controlled temperature

Digitally controlled dwell time

Independent upper and lower sealing temperatures


Safety guards and switches for safe operation

Digital Seal Pressure Output display

Switch selectable Dual set points for timer activation