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Foil Testing

We’ve got your foil testing covered from all angles. Whether you need to know how well your foil resists bending or what kind of impact its able to withstand, you’ll find the test and inspect solution with Industrial Physics.

Foil testing: the basics

There are a few standard testing methods that are ideal for getting all of the data you need on your samples. These include:

  • Tension testing

Tension testing will show you the strength and ductility of your foil specimen under uniaxial tension. ASTM E345 is a testing standard that covers the tension testing requirements of metallic foil in thicknesses less than 0.006.

  • Peel testing

This is a way to test how well your foil coating adheres to a substrate and can be very useful for ensuring the longevity of an item of flexible packaging, for example.

  • Thickness testing

Knowing the thickness of your foil can allow you to calculate how it will perform in certain situations and can be crucial in assessing whether it is ft for purpose.

  • Impact testing

This is a way to determine how your foil will react when subjected to impact. This can tell you how much force is needed to puncture your foil.

  • Bend testing

By testing the flexibility or stiffness of a foil, you can determine how suitable it might be for packaging and products that may be subject to a certain amount of movement.

We’re masters of foil testing

We have a range of test and inspection devices in our ever-growing portfolio. This includes the TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer. It’s designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, to any standard, including ISO, ASTM and EDANA.

Products like the Manual Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester offer a truly easy way to determining the energy that causes your foil to fail under specified conditions of impact from a free-falling dart. With an instrument like this, you can enjoy unmatched accuracy and high resolution when ensuring the quality of sheet materials.

Discover our breadth of foil testing instruments and find the solution that’s right for your business.

Clean and lean foil testing at your fingertips

We can help you find just the test and inspect solution you need to make sure all of your foil testing is fast, accurate and straightforward. With almost 100 years of expertise, we’ve got a huge amount of knowledge to draw on. Whether you’re in flexible packaging or you’re working on products for the medical industry, we can help you pinpoint the testing solution that works best. Browse our full range of foil testing related products or get in touch for some guidance.



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