What is a Thermo Hygrometer? - Industrial Physics What is a Thermo Hygrometer? - Industrial Physics

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What Does a Thermo Hygrometer Measure?

When you need details of a particular climate, whether that’s the environment on a site of the exact readings of your workshop or lab, a thermo hygrometer is an excellent solution. 

What is a thermo hygrometer used to measure?

A thermo hygrometer is used to measure air condition. It is capable of quickly and accurately delivering results on the ambient temperature and humidity of air, soil or in confined spaces.  

Where is a thermo hygrometer used?

Thermo hygrometers are used widely in the testing of heating, ventilation and HVAC systems. They can also be a valuable tool in determining the quality of the air in an enclosed space that will be used for a wide variety of testing applications, especially when factors such as humidity might affect test results.  

How does a thermo hygrometer work? 

A thermo hygrometer is designed to be able to measure both air temperature and humidity. The temperature is typically measured with a digital thermometer. There may be a sensor attached to the device itself or it may have an additional sensor that can be placed in a position that’s remote from the main unit. Humidity is typically measured in one of two ways.  

Capacitive hygrometer

This uses two metal plates with space for air in between them. The more water or vapor there is in the air, the more it affects the plates’ ability to store a static electric charge, also known as capacitance. This can be measured to determine humidity levels.  

Resistive hygrometer

This uses a resistive sensor and a piece of ceramic material that exposed to the air. And electric charge runs through the ceramic and the amount of water vapor that condenses inside the ceramic is measured by the resistance offered to the current.  

How to use a thermo hygrometer

Using a thermo hygrometer is very easy. Analogue hygrometers don’t even have to be switched on, they will offer a reading automatically. Digital hygrometers need to be turned on and typically given around five minutes to take a reading. 

Digital models offer quick and accurate results on a display screen and data can often be sent to a suitable computer or tablet.  

Fast and reliable thermo hygrometer

If you’re looking for an accurate and easy to use thermo hygrometer, we recommend our TQC Sheen Thermo Hygrometer. 

Alternative ways of assessing things like temperature and air velocity include hot wire anemometers, which also offers a fast and easy way to check environmental factors. They are especially useful in low level velocity applications. Thermo hygrometers, on the other hand, have the benefit of also measuring the concentration of water vapor in the air. 

Assessing climate and humidity with Industrial Physics

Be certain that you’re able to accurately determine temperature and humidity, whether you’re in construction and checking ventilation or you’re testing inks and coatings, with us. Our experts around the globe and experience in a wide range of industries means we can help you find the right climate testing equipment for the job.