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Types of Universal Testing Machine

UTM Types: which Universal Testing Machine do I need?

Universal Testing Machines are highly customizable testing solutions that come in a variety of different models. Not sure how to get started? Wondering if you need a single or dual column? Unsure about frame sizes? Dive in for everything you need to know about choosing the right UTM.  

How do I chose the right UTM?

The first thing to think about when picking a Universal testing Machine for your testing suite is determining how large your samples are and how much force is needed to test them. These factors will help you decide what size of frame is necessary. For example, in some cases you may not need a lot of force, but you do need to test an entire sample – like in compression testing for large boxes.  

Once capacity and frame size have been decided, you can then consider the kind of applications and extras that are suitable for your situation. Is manual operation feasible in your set up? Do you need software capable of recording a large number of tests? The workload and your current testing set up will influence these choices.  

UTMs: single and dual column

Universal Testing Machines come with two main column types: 

  • Single column: for low force testing  
  • Dual column: for medium to high force testing  

Choosing a UTM driver type

There are also two main drivers for UTMs, so you can choose from electromechanical (Electric Motor) driven systems and servo-hydraulic driven systems.  

  • Electromechanical driven systems are normally used for medium to high force testing applications 
  • Servo-hydraulic driven systems are normally used for high force testing applications  

Find out more about which is most suitable for your set up in our guide to UTM drivers.  

What kind of tests can UTMs perform?

UTMs can typically perform a varied selection of tests, including:  

  • Tension testing  
  • Compression testing  
  • Bend/flex testing  
  • Peel testing 
  • Puncture test (static) 
  • Tear testing 
  • COF/friction testing  

Choosing a UTM from United Systems Testing

Watch a handy guide to the breadth of Universal testing Machines below:



Understanding speciality UTMs

There are also specialty UTMs to consider, such as the LCH Speedy Tester from United Testing Systems. The Speedy Tester is a portable hydraulic tester, ideal for testing applications where putting expensive lab or R&D equipment on the factory floor may not be feasible.  

Get help choosing a UTM with Industrial Physics

For help choosing the right Universal Testing Machine or guidance when it comes to customizing a new machine, why not talk to our experts? Not only do we stock high quality testing solutions across brands including United Testing Systems but with almost 100 years of experience in the test and inspect field, we’re well placed to guide you at every step of the way. Ready to find out more? Get in touch.