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Electromechanical Vs Servo-Hydraulic UTMs

Electromechanical & servo-hydraulic testing machines – what’s the difference?

Get the inside scoop on the difference between electromechanical and servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machines and work out which better suits your test and inspection needs.  

Universal Testing Machines

UTMs are a test and inspection solution designed to carry out a wide range of tests. They are capable of measuring and analyzing the physical and mechanical properties of sample materials by testing their performance when subjected to a variety of tensile or compressive forces. These highly versatile and customizable machines can be an integral part of any set up. 

They also come in variety of different forms – including those with electromechanical or servo-hydraulic systems. So how do you know which is most suitable for your QA process? We’ve got the low down.  

Electromechanical & servo-hydraulic driven machines explained

Electromechanical systems 

Electromechanical driven UTMs are by far the most common. They are driven by an electric motor and come in two main frame types: single column and dual column. Electromechanical systems are suitable for medium to heavy force testing applications. There are a number of accessories available to adapt them to a variety of uses, including environmental chambers, safety shields and safety chambers. They are often tabletop machines. 


Servo-hydraulic driven UTMs are generally reserved for high-capacity testing applications in “heavy” industry and are capable of testing at very high forces. They use the principle of hydraulic force to move the crosshead. They are typically very large pieces of equipment.  

Check out UTMs available at Industrial Physics

If you’re looking for a UTM capable of carrying out a broad range of tests and designed to help your testing process meet a large number of industry standards, we’re here to help.  

United Testing Systems, a member of the Industrial Physics family, offer solutions you can rely on. United can even build frames for electromechanical UTMs that suit your specifications, as well as offering a range of set options. When it comes to servo-hydraulic driven systems, United’s largest frame can test up to 2,000 kN (450,000 Lbf.). 

Ready to see what’s available? Browse our range of Universal Testing Machines 

Add UTMs to your test and inspect set up

Our knowledgeable team is standing by to give you expert advice on UTMs. Find out which models will best suit your product line and get support at every step of the way – from selection to installation and even ongoing maintenance.  

We also offer comprehensive training so you can make the most of your machines. Ready to find out more about our range of Universal Testing Machines? Just get in touch.