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How to Assess Car Paint Quality

A car’s paintwork is one of the most noticeable things about it – and that means that getting it right is top priority for manufacturers.  

Car paint and its functions 

There are a huge number of paint types available, all of which can change the look and feel of a car. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a matte, metallic or pearlescent finish if there’s a chance it will peel or corrode before its time and mar the vehicle’s overall appearance and integrity. The paint and coatings used on cars also offer protection from rust and wear and tear, making paint testing even more crucial.  

Key areas for car paint testing

There are lots of different things car paint needs to be good at, including:  


The general appearance of paint is essential when it comes to getting the kind of finish consumer like.  


The gloss levels of a car’s paint need to be carefully measured. A high gloss factor can significantly improve the look of a paint job.  


Corrosion can cause big problems for car manufacturers, as it can quickly affect the car’s overall appearance. Paint adhesion testing is a great solution.  

Salt Spray

Cars have to deal with all kinds of difficult conditions, including salt spray and grit which can chip or corrode paint over time.  


Even minor scrapes can severely impact the overall look of a car and knowing that the paint job can withstand a certain level of abrasion is essential.  

Top testing solutions for car paint 

Just a few of our highlighted products perfect for making sure you have your paints and coatings right include: 

TQC Sheen Coatmaster Flex 

This handy gauge measures coating thickness immediately after application, ideal for documenting and controlling in-line coating processes. In turn, this can help in saving on coating material, improving coating quality, and reducing running-in time and scrap. 

TQC Sheen Glossmeter 

Suitable for paint and coatings, plastics and a whole range of automotive parts, this glossmeter has adjustable gloss limits with visual and acoustic alarm as well as an LCD colour display with wide viewing angle. 

Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet 

Enjoy a full range of environmental testing conditions to see how paint and coatings react in the kind of conditions vehicles are likely to encounter.  

Testing tools to help drive sustainability 

There are also a number of testing machines and solutions that are perfect for those in the automotive industry who are trying to tackle sustainability challenges, such as: 

TQC Sheen CurveX 4  

This oven profiling tool makes it easy to quantify the energy required during the curing of coatings, allowing you to see how long it will take for a car’s coatings to cure and helping to significantly reduce energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process.  

Car paint testing solutions from Industrial Physics

Our expertise in the paint and coating field ensures we’re the perfect partner when it comes to test and inspect solutions for car paint. We also have a wealth of knowledge about the automotive industry and engineers who’re happy to help you future-proof your testing set up to meet new sustainability goals. Check out our range of automotive testing options