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TQC Sheen Temperature Probes

Industrial Physics makes a wide range of temperature probes and temperature recorders to check all different types of products and materials across multiple industries.

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Through TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, we have developed a comprehensive range of temperature probes.  

Each digital temperature sensor is designed for a particular function and made for accuracy and reliability. Categories of probes and temperature recorders that we manufacture includes:  

  • General purpose probes 
  • Frozen food probes  
  • Surface probes 
  • Needle probes 
  • Liquid probes 
  • Air probes  

Probe into our comprehensive product portfolio  

Across the Industrial Physics portfolio we have a wide selection of temperature probes of different designs, materials and for different purposes.  

Here are some of the most commonly purchased temperature probes that we make. This is just a small selection of the whole catalog. If there’s another type of probe that you need then just get in touch – we may already make it, or could even custom build it for you.  

Heavy-duty handheld temperature probes 

Our heavy-duty temperature probes have ribbed or T-shaped handles. They come with a one meter straight PVC lead and a miniature connector.  

  • Corkscrew frozen food probe: ideal as a temperature probe for deep frozen foods.  
  • Penetration probes: these color coded stainless steel probes are strong and versatile. They’re ideal for testing liquids and semi-solid foods.  
  • T-shaped penetration probes: the robust stainless steel design and T-shaped handle make these temperature probes ideal for abattoirs, food processing, frozen and refrigerated foods, asphalt or blacktop. 
  • Bell surface probes: these fast response surface probes have a bell shaped housing and thin stainless steel measuring disc. They’re ideal for measuring surface temperatures and available in three designs: straight, right angled 90° or with a 45° degree angled head. 

Fast response probes

Exposed junction wire thermocouples  

Our fast-response, general purpose temperature probes have exposed junction thermocouple wire. These probes are small in size and have a low mass.  

Our thermocouple temperature probes are suitable for a wide range of applications. And if you use them alongside self-adhesive attachment pads you’ll have a quick and cost-effective solution to surface or air temperature measuring.  

If you need to measure temperatures as high as +350°C, such as you’d find in ovens or hot cupboards, then our fiberglass exposed junction wire probes are ideal.  

Heavy duty wire temperature probes

These heavy duty PTFE insulated exposed junction wire digital temperature sensors are suitable for measuring the air temperature inside fridges and freezers.  

Self-adhesive attachment pads 

Thermocouple attachment pads are recommended for attaching small diameter exposed junction wire thermocouples to surfaces like hotplates or pipes. These easy-to-use PTFE pads operate in the range of -50°C to 200°C.  

HVAC PROBES – ideal for pipework, radiators and ovens. 

Thermometer probes 

Velcro pipe probes 

These handy wrap around probes are suitable for pipe temperature measurements in HVAC industries.  

Magnet surface probe 

Our easy-to-use magnet temperature probes are ideal for measuring the surface temperatures of ferrous metals such as radiators 

Pipe clamp probes

If you need to measure the surface temperature of pipes involved in refrigeration and heating / ventilating systems then our pipe clamp probes are a good choice.  

Black ball radiation probe 

These black ball temperature probes are designed to measure radiation temperatures in kilns and ovens. 

Probe deeper into our temperature probe insight 

We’ve learnt a thing or two about best practice when it comes to testing to international standards and we like to share this insight with our customers.  

In the knowledgebase of this website you’ll find some of the blogs we have published, like this one – which asks: what does a thermo hygrometer measure? Or perhaps this one on hot wire anemometers – everything you need to know, may be of more interest. 

While we’re on the subject of temperature, did you know we have an Industrial Physics temperature converter? 

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The Problem

Industrial processes are often energy heavy, expensive and harmful to the planet. Sadly, many companies don’t appreciate how easily they can optimize their operational efficiency.    

The Solution

If you use industrial powder coating ovens then Industrial Physics can empower you to better understand your energy use with tools like the TQC Sheen CurveX temperature data-logger 

The Result

Learn how our aluminium profiling customer managed to cut their energy use by a third, slashing costs and helping them to offer a more sustainable service in the process. 

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