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Introducing ISO 8501-2 - Industrial Physics

ISO 8501-2 is an international ISO standard procedure that enables you to consistently prepare steel substrates before you apply paints and related products.

Regular maintenance and retreating with protective coatings limits degradation and prevents the onset of rust. Proper steel substrate preparation is important as it ensures long-term performance of any protective coatings you apply.

This ISO standard approach allows you to make an effective visual assessment of the surface cleanliness of your steel substrates. Within part two you’ll find emphasis on the preparation grades of previously coated steel substrates after removing previous coatings.

Whether your steel substrates have been prepared for painting by blast-cleaning, cleaning by hand, power-tool cleaning or machine abrading, you’ll find guidance within ISO 8501-2.

Contained in this ISO standard document you’ll also find photographs showing examples of preparation grades, defined by written descriptions.

ISO 8501-2 testing categories

The steel substrate preparation grades described through ISO 8501-2 can be categorized as follows:

Localized blast cleaning of previously coated surfaces (P Sa)

Thorough localized blast-cleaning (P Sa 2)

Very thorough localized blast-cleaning (P Sa 2½)

Localized blast-cleaning to visually clean steel (P Sa 3 ).

Localized hand and power tool cleaning of previously coated surfaces (P St)

Thorough localized hand, and power-tool, cleaning (P St 2)

Very thorough localized hand, and power-tool, cleaning (P St 3).

ISO 8501-2 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 8501-2 testing?

ISO 8501-2 purity levels of painted steel surfaces

Pick up a copy of the official ISO 8501-2 rust guide here!

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 8501-2