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International Standards

ISO 7628

Introducing ISO 6860 - Industrial Physics

ISO 7628 is an international ISO standard procedure that details the minimum requirements for the tubing used in air braking systems on road vehicles.

It’s an ISO test approach that can be used for both mono wall and multilayer tubing testing. But the marking of the tubing does not automatically imply that the tube assembly is appropriate for its use on a vehicle.

The conformity of production is the responsibility of the tubing manufacturer. But the responsibility for checking that the tubing tests are carried out to this ISO standard lies with the tube assembler and/or the vehicle manufacturers.

To carry out a successful ISO 7628 test then an accurate pendulum impact tester is a useful tool to have in your laboratory or factory.

If you want to find out more about the requirements for coiled tube assemblies, then take a look at ISO 7375-1 and ISO 7375-2.

What materials are suitable for ISO 7628 testing?

To satisfy the ISO 7268 tubing test you’ll need 100% virgin materials for your tubing, so unfortunately for the planet, no recycled materials are permitted!

Reworked material may be used as grinding stock, as long as: it doesn’t make up more than 20 percent of the new material; is of the same material type; is from the manufacturer’s own production; and meets all other aspects of this ISO standard. If reinforcement is used, then you must be satisfied that the reinforced tubing is suitable for the application. Additionally, the materials you use can contain additives to enhance material performance, as long as they’re evenly distributed throughout the material.

Finally, the tube mustn't contain any manufacturing faults, voids, scratches, cracks or lack of homogeneity which could affect its capability.

ISO 7628 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 7628 testing?

Advanced Pendulum Impact System

The Ray-Ran advanced pendulum impact testing system is a pendulum impact tester. It’s a highly accurate tool for effective ISO 7628 testing.

It uses microprocessor technology to determine the energy required to break or rupture plastic or ceramic specimens, composites and nonferrous metals.

It’s just the job for izod, charpy or tension impact testing. It is great for pipe testing and puncture impact testing. Plus you can use it for small diameter pipe testing and component impact and puncture tests.

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 7628