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International Standards

ASTM F 2251

Introducing ASTM F2251 - Industrial Physics  

ASTM F2251 is a global ASTM international standard method to determine the thickness of flexible packaging materials.  

It’s an ASTM standard that requires the use of digital micrometers for precision testing of various flexible packaging products, including plastic films. 

Why perform flexible packaging testing using ASTM F2251?  

Flexible packaging manufacturers and developers need to measure and specify the thickness of their products to ensure that the contents are consistently protected. An important part of this process involves scrutinizing a packaging material’s thickness.  

Packaging thickness testing is performed and repeated for quality assurance and ASTM F2251 gives organizations the peace of mind that their flexible packaging is fit for purpose.  

We are experts when it comes to flexible packaging thickness testing. For example, click here for our thickness testing blog that delves further into how to measure the thickness of paper.  


ASTM F2251 testing equipment  

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM F2251 testing?  

Digital Micrometer 49-86 

The TMI 49-86 digital micrometer is a great flexible packaging thickness testing option for thin samples and products made from paper, film, or non-wovens. Its precision digital linear encoder measuring system has an ultra-clear, easy-to-read digital display. It’s ideal for ASTM F2251 testing 

It has a measurement range of 0-0.050 in. (0-1.27 mm), but you can also talk to us about specialty digital micrometer models - available for corrugated, composites and rubber sheet materials - up to up to 12.7mm thick. 


Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM F2251