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CMC KUHNKE Seam Stripper 1000

The CMC-KUHNKE Seam Stripper 1000 is an affordable and robust can seam stripper for teardown analysis. It’s a fast, efficient and a safe alternative to manual double seam strippers.  







Easy teardown for double seams

Eliminating the need for hand tools or expensive double seam lathes, the Seam Stripper 1000 is an excellent alternative to manual teardown methods for the analysis of double seam tightness on food, aerosol or beverage cans. 

This remarkable tool accurately and efficiently cuts the Double Seam and then separates the cover hook from the body hook in one fast, safe teardown operation. It is designed to keep the cover hook intact, causing no damage or distortion during testing.  

Dramatically reducing teardown time, this seam stripper makes it easy to perform more frequent inspections and can make your can inspection process more effectual.  

Teardown analysis – manual vs automatic

This efficient seam stripper is a sensible, affordable alternative to conventional teardown methods used to prepare the double seam for analysis, allowing you to check for tightness and evaluate for wrinkles.  

Independent tests show that an automatic seam stripper substantially reduces teardown time and distortion of cover hook when compared to manual double seam teardown methods. 

It is easier and faster than a manual teardown and requires less effort from the user. It’s much safer too. With the Seam Stripper 1000, the technician’s hands never touch the can during operation. Automation also eliminates the need for repetitive actions that can cause Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. 

Accurate and efficient double seam cutting

A seam stripper that delivers the efficiency, precision and simplicity you need to ensure higher can quality at a lower cost. The  Seam Stripper 1000 provides increased productivity and much more accurate measurements, making your teardown analysis much easier and more convenient. 

How to use the Seam Stripper 1000

A quick guide to using the Seam Stripper 1000 for teardown analysis. 

maximum size:  603 (153mm)

minimum size:  200 (50mm)

size:  400 x 260 x 610 mm (16 x10x24 in)

maximum size:  603 (153mm)

minimum size:  200 (50mm)

size:  400 x 260 x 610 mm (16 x10x24 in)

Features & Benefits

Safest teardown tool in the industry. The technician’s hands never need to touch the can while the double seam stripper is in operation 

Fast and efficient, the seam stripper simultaneously cuts and strips can double seams in a single motion 

Cans are stripped in 10-15 seconds 

May be used on aluminum or steel cans for food and beverages  

Toolings can be changed easily for different can sizes