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PROFILE/Plus Porosity Calibrated Air Flow Restrictor – Zero Range

Calibrated air flow restrictor (Zero Range) to verify airflow of PROFILE/Plus Porosity instruments. Includes traceability certificate.






Automated paper roughness and porosity measurement

Achieving uniform ink coverage is essential to high-quality printing, and can only be achieved with a uniform paper surface. The PROFILE/Plus® Roughness & Porosity makes it possible to meet this demand with accurate measurements to help control paper roughness.

Features & Benefits

Efficiency – The average seven-second testing process provides quick measurement response and accuracy.

Versatility – It is the only standalone roughness tester that offers you built-in paper feed and your choice of porosity and two-sided roughness measurement simultaneously.

Unique calibration – Its dummy head system allows for fast and easy flow verification.

Configurable – The instruments can be equipped to measure either Sheffield or Bendtsen Roughness and a variety of Porosity reporting units.