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Is your supply chain hindering your sustainability goals?


Is your supply chain hindering your sustainability goals?

Sustainability goals remain a hot topic for businesses all over the world. But sometimes achieving those targets can be difficult. Even when there’s a strong strategy in place, supply chain issues can have a huge impact on the final figures.

For businesses and packaging manufacturers, the best way to address potential supply chain issues before they impact your targets is open communication with all suppliers, providers, and stakeholders.

Opening channels of communication with suppliers

Open communication across all aspects of the supply chain is critical in avoiding supply problems, especially when using high-demand materials or attempting to meet sustainability goals. When a sustainability strategy is put in place, collaboration is a key – making sure everyone on the supply chain is fully informed of the overarching goals can allow objectives to be realized.

Packaging World reports that at the Natural Products Expo West in May 2021, speakers discussed the power of engaging a supply chain when it came to reducing climate impact.

Rebecca Hamilton, Co-CEO at W.S. Badger, spoke about the importance of supplier engagement, “If we have suppliers that are doing really great things and are able to share [data] with us, that’s really helpful because we’re trying to build a whole picture of what our impact is, and trying to be responsible and shift the needle forward, and the more we can partner with suppliers and share what we’re doing and figure out ways that we can help each other, the further we can really start making more of a positive impact.”

Once the full supply chain is on board with a sustainability strategy, working to achieve those goals can be transformed into a team effort – a smart solution for all parties.

Creating long term transformation as well as quick fixes

Speaking at the same conference, Brenna Davis, VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility at PCC Community Markets, explained that they are now writing sustainability requirements into contracts with suppliers. This move is part of an effort to find ways to work around or alleviate supply chain pressures before they occur.

She explained: “Transparency can be scary because we’re trying to protect our brands and our relationships, but really evolving into a true partnership is going to take an enhanced level of trust…ultimately moving away from just a transactional relationship but being open to longer term commitments and contracts that will help us create the longer-term transformation that’s needed in these spaces.”

Ease supply chain pressure with efficient testing

Quality control is clearly important for businesses who are striving to be more sustainable – efficient and robust testing will lead to a drop in wastage. But ensuring the quality of your packaging is also critical when it comes to reducing pressures on your supply chain – having to halt or alter production after discovering an unforeseen complication can put further stress on an already stretched supply chain by throwing off timelines.

Right now, the pandemic has caused enormous disruptions to supply chains across all industries – and as manufacturers and production lines seek out alternative and potentially unfamiliar solutions to keep their business running, effective quality control has never been more important when it comes to assuring the integrity of your packaging, materials, and products.


About Industrial Physics

Industrial Physics are global test and inspection providers – our trusted solutions allow you to ensure the quality of your packaging, products, and materials from the outset. When you can trust the integrity of your packaging, you’re able to reduce product wastage and streamline supply chain issues.

If you’re looking for ways to ensure the materials you are using are fit for purpose, we’re here for you. Whether you’re trialing a new supplier or utilizing new materials, let us help you create the bespoke testing system that will reduce waste and take some pressure off your supply chain.

To find out more about what partnering with Industrial Physics could mean for your business, get in touch.

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