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Industrial Physics is speaking at Pack Expo



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Industrial Physics is speaking at Pack Expo

Pack Expo is one of the world’s biggest packaging events – it’s taking place from 23rd – 26th October 2022 in Chicago Illinois.  

This year, we won’t just be attending the event, but we’ll be joining an illustrious line up of packaging experts to speak at the leading industry show. 

Want a free pass to Pack Expo? Just email us with the subject line, ‘Pack Expo Pass’ here! 

Sharing our expertise 

Sean Kohl, Global Product Line Director at Industrial Physics, will be sharing his expertise at this year’s Pack Expo.  

He’ll be exploring exclusive insights from our sustainability report which surveyed 255 packaging professionals across many different industries. This research revealed that paper, paperboard, and fiberboard was the most popular sustainable alternative. It also let us know that 71% of packaging decision makers feel that sustainable materials make things more difficult when it comes to quality control. 

Sean will delve into the big topics that we uncovered – exploring issues around testing standards, the sourcing of raw materials, and supply chain issues that are affecting packaging professionals across the globe. 

You can access this exclusive report here! 

A bit about Sean… 

As Industrial Physics’ Global Product Line Director, Sean has an array of experience working in the commercial plastics, aerospace, defense, and oil & gas industries. Since graduating from Virginia Tech he has held a number of positions – working within general management, sales management, business development, and product development. 

Sean utilizes his extensive technical knowledge to help Industrial Physics grow their expansive portfolio of test and inspection products across an array of industries. In particular, Sean has been instrumental in helping to develop solutions within the world of flexible packaging and materials. 

Looking to attend Pack Expo? 

If you’re hoping to attend this year’s Pack Expo, we can offer you a free pass – just get in touch with us by emailing and using the subject line ‘Pack Expo Pass’ 

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