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Industrial Physics Acquires OxySense and PetroSense

03/31/20175 min read



Industrial Physics Acquires OxySense and PetroSense

Industrial Physics, a leader in package and product integrity test instrumentation and services, has purchased OxySense, Inc. and PetroSense Inc. OxySense specializes in non-invasive optical oxygen measurement systems and permeation testing solutions for packers and processors worldwide. PetroSense provides commercially available systems for the detection of total petroleum hydrocarbons. Both companies are headquartered in Dallas, TX with a shared manufacturing plant in Las Vegas. OxySense and PetroSense*-branded products are now part of Industrial Physics’ Product Integrity segment, which, along with Systech Illinois and TM Electronics products, offers a complete portfolio of solutions to customers measuring the strength and durability of critically sealed packaging to confirm package integrity and shelf life.

“The OxySense and PetroSense products are strong additions to the Industrial Physics family of brands,” said Doug Lindemann, president of Product Integrity. “The OxySense brand strengthens our offerings in package integrity determination and supports our strategy to be the leading test and measurement company in the flexible packaging industry. PetroSense brings a differentiated offering for companies concerned with environment monitoring.”

“OxySense was the first company to provide non-destructive, optical solutions to assess product quality in packaging,” said Ken Culver, President of OxySense. “We have established a strong and loyal customer base by providing cost-effective, solutions-based products for many years. It is great to see the potential for growth that will be possible with the involvement of the Industrial Physics companies and resources.”

About OxySense

OxySense is the leading source of non-invasive oxygen measurement systems and permeation testing solutions for packers and processors worldwide. OxySense optical oxygen analyzers, oxygen permeation measurement/OTR system and oxygen measurement accessories serve the needs of packaging labs, packaging quality control labs, processors and packagers. The OxySense oxygen measurement system is unique for its ability to measure oxygen non-invasively, and its ability to measure oxygen in headspace as well as dissolved in liquids. It is an optical system that can measure oxygen concentration within packages that are transparent, semi-transparent, and translucent.

About PetroSense

PetroSense offers the only commercially available system that can detect both the presence and concentration of total petroleum hydrocarbons and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes in vapor and in dissolved water on a real time basis in the field. Environmental applications include process water monitoring, cooling tower discharge water monitoring, aquifer monitoring, well monitoring, soil testing, leak detection, above ground and below ground tank monitoring, pipelines and valve stations.

*The PetroSense brand/products and business have since been terminated.

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