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Getting to know us: Industrial Physics 101


Industrial Physics

Getting to know us: Industrial Physics 101

At Industrial Physics, we provide trusted test and inspection solutions to businesses across a wealth of industries.

We design and develop equipment that pushes, prods, and pokes a whole range of materials in order to ensure the perfection of products and packages. To put it simply, it’s our job to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products.

Our instruments are highly diverse – from crush testers that make sure cardboard boxes are fit for delivery, to permeation analyzers that ensure the fizziness of soda – product integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

Industrial Physics solutions impact real life moments – from making sure your rain coat stays dry to keeping airplanes in the sky – it’s likely that many of the things you interact with on a daily basis will have been tested using one of our instruments.

‍A global team of experts

Our story began a long time ago – in fact, some of our brands have been in existence for an entire century! And -our work spans a range of industries including automotive, medical, defense technology and many more.

Operating across a portfolio of specialist brands, our team is made up of hard-working experts who really know their stuff. And when we say experts – we mean experts. When it comes to test and inspection solutions, our team are equipped with decades upon decades of knowledge.

This expertise is complemented by our global connections, scalable solutions, and local presence, allowing us to deliver the right solution for you.

Driven by quality

When supporting industries across world to meet the requisite packaging regulations and safety requirements for their products, quality always comes first. Our breadth of knowledge across a wide range of industries – from aerospace to pharmaceutical – allows us to bring both localized and global insights to our processes.

Our solutions are designed to help companies exceed expectations – and we employ the latest technologies and method

Going the extra mile

We believe that supplying high quality testing instruments is only part of our job.

We’re committed to offering you a truly personalized service that ensures our customer’s needs are fully supported throughout every step of your journey with us – from purchasing, to installation, and throughout ongoing maintenance.

That’s why we’ve established a global network of dedicated service specialists – these experts are in place across the globe to support our customers – whatever they may need.

Wherever you are in the world, our experts are on hand to support your needs – whatever they may be.

Keeping pace with progress

Working with so many fast-paced and ever-evolving industries, including electronics and technology, we understand the need to stay on top of the latest changes, challenges, and opportunities. Updated safety regulations or the introduction of new products can completely alter demands on packaging, resulting in a need for new solutions.

Our open approach, genuine passion, and deep curiosity for the challenges our customers face allows us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to design and deliver testing solutions to combat new obstacles. It’s our ability to keep our finger on the pulse that’s allowed us to keep supporting our customers for so many years.

Testing solutions for today – and tomorrow

We also provide the kind of rigorous, adaptable, and forward-thinking testing processes that allow companies to innovate. Our integrated solutions are designed to be able to keep pace with changing priorities as well as technological advancements.

Take sustainable packaging – this is a key concern for many industries. Our testing processes make it possible for companies to ensure that more eco-friendly materials, such as corrugated paper or recycled plastics, are able to perform at the desired levels.

We’re here to support businesses as they drive their business forward and experiment with new materials.

Global packaging testing solutions

By continuing to innovate, acquire expertise, and foster close connections with the manufacturers we work with, we will further solidify and expand our position as the leading test and inspection partner for brands all over the world.

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