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How is innovation in beer packaging impacting quality control?

07/20/20214 minutes


Beverage Testing

Can Inspection


Eagle Vision Systems

Quality By Vision

How is innovation in beer packaging impacting quality control?

For many reasons, beer packaging trends are rapidly shifting. But as new materials are introduced, and brands experiment with new designs, how does this impact beer quality control tests for packaging?

Brands have always had to think outside of the box when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers. Within craft beer especially, exciting beer packaging concepts can make or break a brand – and beer packaging trends can be driven by a number of factors.

You can find out more about this in our insight report, ‘A Thirst for Perfection’


We’re seeing an increasing amount of breweries getting creative with beer packaging in an attempt to draw in customers. But whether it’s all to grab customer attention, or there’s a concentrated effort to introduce more sustainable beer packaging to the market, the impact on packaging quality control of alcoholic beverages is clear – when new methods are introduced, the room for error becomes greater. And so, it’s especially important to be prepared.

Exploring new beer packaging trends

Beer is an experience. And perhaps more so than other beverage products, powerful beer packaging can really make an impact. Whether this involves introducing bold new artwork or trying out a new type of packaging, there’s a huge reward for beer brands who are able to get creative.

People love to share images of themselves enjoying a fresh pint – if you searched the hashtag #Beer on Instagram at the time of writing, you’d be able to find a whopping 74.1 million posts.

And as the volume of posts increase, so does the demand for trendy packaging. This fascination with aesthetics is having a huge impact on beer packaging trends. Particularly within craft beer – craft beer label designers can really help products to sparkle on the shelves. A great way to find success here is by coming up with new designs and formats within beer packaging.

We’re seeing more brands introducing open topped, shaped embossed cans – interesting designs that grab the attention of consumers. This an excellent marketing opportunity for brewers. However, it also opens up a whole new world of quality issues when it comes to the manufacturing of beer packaging.

New cans and bottles can behave differently on the line. So, it’s more important than ever to have the right beer quality control tests in place to tackle all issues – from headspace analysis, to leak detection, to printing and labelling checks to ensure the quality of work from craft beer label designers – when new types of packaging are being explored, there’s extra room for mistakes to spill through the cracks.

‍Move towards metal beer packaging

We’re noticing a lot of new breweries – particularly craft breweries – moving away from bottles and exploring more options with metal packaging. In this instance, a lot of companies who never had a need to invest in testing instruments for canning now find themselves in need of new beer quality control tests.

In this situation, it’s crucial to find a partner with the right expertise – someone who can support you in finding exactly the right equipment for your unique needs.

For breweries dealing with metal packaging for the first time, the potential for issues within quality is huge – especially around the double seam. Beer quality control tests in packaging may seem like a significant investment, but you simply can’t afford to ignore the importance here. It’s critical to have accurate and easy to use equipment that takes the guesswork out of quality checks and machinery set up.

‍How does innovation in packaging impact quality control?

As companies branch out and use different kinds of packaging materials or explore different options as to how a package should be manufactured, the impact on quality control is huge. In an attempt to create the perfect beer – a product that manufacturers and brewers can be proud of – exploring new beer packaging trends is a must.

But what is equally critical is making sure that innovation and creativity isn’t stifled by poor quality control of alcoholic beverages. The more brands push boundaries with beer packaging, the more important it is to have the right testing and inspection tools in place.

If you’re dealing with an unfamiliar material, or exploring a new packaging type, there’s a lot to consider. Is there an unexpected risk of leaking? How sensitive is the package to wear and tear? How can you test against headspace? Having the right testing instruments in place is fundamental. And having a partner that can support you with this makes all the difference.

‍About Industrial Physics

​​​​​​​At Industrial Physics, we provide test and inspection solutions for packaging to brands and manufacturers across the world. It’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products.

And when it comes to quality control tests for beverages, we know our stuff. We offer a full suite of solutions to cover an extensive range of testing requirements for the packaging of bottles, cans, and kegs within beer specifically. You can take a look at some of the products we offer here.

Our products guarantee that your customers get a fresh pint every time. And we give you the confidence that your customers experience your brewery’s beer as it was meant to taste. Want to find out more about how Industrial Physics could support your test and inspection needs? Get in touch for more information.


To get more insights on quality control within beer manufacturing, view our report ‘A Thirst for Perfection’ here.

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