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Youngs Modulus Testing

Young’s modulus is a numerical constant used to describe the elastic properties of a solid material, such as a metal bar, that is being subjected to tension or compression forces. It measures the ability of a sample to withstand changes in length and is also known as Modulus of Elasticity. It is only relevant when the Stress (force) is proportional to the Strain (displacement) and the material can return to its original state. Universal test machines from United along with our DragonFly UTS software package make calculating Young’s Modulus a simple, repeatable, and accurate test procedure.

United can help you with these and many other testing standards where Young’s Modulus is calculated, view our products here

ASTM C1557 – Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength and Youngs Modulus of Fibers
ASTM D5450 – Standard Test Method for Transverse Tensile Properties of Hoop Wound Polymer Matrix Composite Cylinders
ASTM E111 – Standard Test Method for Young’s Modulus, Tangent Modulus, and Chord Modulus
ASTM E2769 – Standard Test Method for Elastic Modulus by Thermomechanical Analysis Using Three-Point Bending and Controlled Rate of Loading