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Facts About Preventative Maintenance Frequency

You rely on Technidyne instruments to help you get the job done efficiently, and effectively with as little waste and downtime as possible. Preventative Maintenance insures our instruments are performing as effectively as possible in order to deliver the results you need.

So how frequently should you schedule preventative maintenance to ensure that your measurements are accurate and that you have reliable decision-making data that reduces waste and increases quality and productivity?

The answer can vary; however, we have seen many cases where moving preventative maintenance services from once a year to two times a year, or even quarterly makes a great deal of difference in the effectiveness and lifespan of paper testing instruments. If you are not scheduling preventative maintenance at least once a year, stop reading and contact us to schedule maintenance. You rely on these instruments to reduce waste and to control your process as efficiently as possible. Keeping them in the precise operating condition has a positive effect on your entire operation, not to mention your bottom line.

During a PM visit the instrument “current” state is checked, the instrument has routine maintenance performed (cleaning, checking voltages, etc.). Finally, the instrument is calibrated and rechecked for its “as left” data. Also, during PM visits general maintenance questions can be asked and features can be demonstrated.

If you increase the volume of testing with automated testing (or through some other means) consider increasing the frequency of checking calibration and scheduled routine preventative maintenance. Increases in testing frequency can affect accuracy over time.

It only takes one quality claim or customer return to pay for years worth of routine maintenance on your laboratory or on-line instrumentation. Taking advantage of these services insures against these disasters at a nominal cost to your organization. Contact us to learn more about our preventative maintenance options and to schedule yours today.