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Tissue Testing

Tissue Testing with Industrial Physics

If you use tissue in your flexible packaging, our machines will tell you all you need to know about its properties: from softness and strength testing, through to printability and burst strength inspection.

Tissue paper is used in flexible packaging products for general wrapping applications including void filling, interleaving and scrunching. A clever way to reinforce the protection of your flexible packaging, it can be made with neutral PH to protect your valuables and keep them both tarnish and acid free.  

Across the Industrial Physics family of brands we make many different types of inspection devices and accessories to test your flexible packaging tissue papers. Our product range includes softness testers, universal testing machines (UTMs), digital micrometers and tensile testers.

Flexible packaging tissue testing types

Here are some of the main types of flexible packaging tissue testing that we can support.  

Flexible packaging: tissue softness  


Technidyne is a member of the Industrial Physics family. And this product line offers quality optical, surface, and physical property testing instruments. The ‘TSA Softness’ is a multifunctional measuring instrument to assess the softness, elasticity, and compressibility of tissue and fabrics as well as the ball burst strength, thickness and grammage 

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Flexible packaging: tissue thickness testing 


Accurate thickness testing of tissue samples is critical for manufacturers of flexible packaging products. It’s important that you can gauge the uniformity of the tissue paper you use. If your flexible packaging uses material that is too thick then this creates unnecessary cost; if your tissue paper is too thin could create finished package vulnerabilities. So thickness testing is carried out to verify compliance with packaging quality standards and ensure safety and integrity. 

Or you can learn more about the methods of thickness testing tissue and other types of paper used in your flexible packaging products by clicking here 


Flexible packaging: burst testing


Our tissue ball burst tester is a precision testing instrument which automatically determines the burst strength of your flexible packaging tissue paper samples. While testing your flexible packaging products you can set parameters such as test speed and peak burst strength. The machine is developed to test specifically for TAPPI T-570, ISO 12625-9 and ISO 12625-11.  

Flexible packaging products with the proper testing grips and fixtures. All of which we manufacture.  

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Flexible packaging: peel strength testing 


United Testing Systems, our specialist materials testing business product line with 50 years’ experience,  manufactures a range of popular test frames and fixtures to enable you to perform accurate and repeatable peel testing in your R&D lab or production facility.

Our peel strength testing devices will help you to meet the requirements of many international quality standards, including ASTM-F2256, the standard test method for strength properties of tissue adhesives in t-peel by tension loading.

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Your flexible packaging supplier and support system

Our extensive experience within flexible packaging for a wide range of industries, as well as our connections with trusted testing brands, means we can help you create a lab that tests all applications from a “one stop shop” style setup. All of your testing needs from one reliable and supportive source – sound good? Then get in touch today. 


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