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Wood chip classification (Chip Class)

Trouble-free chip classification systems

If you work with paper and pulp, you need assurance that the wood chips you use are reliably sized and sorted.


Industrial Physics is top of the tree when it comes to robust wood chip classification systems that meet the demands of international quality standards.


Take the hard work out of measuring the size distribution and relative quantity of chip size fractions for mechanical and chemical wood chips. Or check out the special trays we make – they meet most hole and bar dimension requirements.

Our wood chip classification instruments are the most reliable on the market today. How have we achieved this? Well, our most popular device is based on the original US patent, developed by one of the world’s largest pulp mills and paper makers.


The Industrial Physics family of brands have been making the best test and inspection devices for over 100 years now. And our wood chip classification machines are a chip off the old block!

Check out the range of wood chip classification machines we make below. If you have a unique requirement, we’re happy to branch out and build you a bespoke solution.


Why choose Industrial Physics? Let us break it down.
There are many compelling reasons to choose Industrial Physics. Here are some of the best.



Employees across the globe. Experts in 7 countries



Testing applications for quality assurance



Industries to guarantee diverse solutions



Unique products on offer