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Introducing ASTM D882 - Industrial Physics
ASTM D882 is a global ASTM international standard method for testing the tensile properties of thin plastic films and sheets.

A popular choice for packaging, plastic sheets can be found protecting many everyday items from foodstuffs to consumer goods. To meet performance expectations, it’s essential that plastic manufacturers and packaging companies can obtain an accurate mechanical profile of the plastic films they are producing or working with.

The results of the ASTM D882 tensile test will give you information on numerous traits of the plastic films and sheets you are inspecting. If you work with plastics under one millimeter thick, ASTM D882 will guide your tensile testing for ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and elongation testing.

The ASTM D882 testing process
Given the low break forces of these specimens, ASTM D882 testing is typically performed on a single column universal testing machine (UTM). To reduce variation and get the best results from your plastic film testing, you’ll need to work with unblemished, nick-free samples.

Gripping such thin, flexible samples can be a challenge. Screw hand and hand-tightened grips aren’t ideal for plastic film testing. They add variability to the clamping pressure which can lead to slippage and flawed test results.

One solution for the thinnest of film specimens is self-tightening roller grips, but the best approach is to use pneumatic side action grips. They provide an adjustable inlet air pressure, ensuring your specimens are clamped tight throughout the test.

Once your plastic film testing samples are firmly secured in the ASTM D882 compliant testing device, they’re pulled apart. Eventually they reach a point of tension where they exhibit high elongation, can’t continue to exist in their current form and break.

There are ASTM D882 methods to inspect your samples in a range of specific conditions of pre-treatment, humidity or temperature. You can also vary the pull rate of the tensile test.

If you need a tensile test to check the properties of plastics one millimeter or greater in thickness, then check out ASTM D638.
ASTM D882 testing equipment
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D882 testing?

Our industry-leading universal testing machines are programmed with up to a 100 different tests. They give you unparalleled control over tension (pull testing), compression and flexibility testing on a variety of parts, components and test samples.
Table model universal testing machines
Our convenient table model frames are surprisingly powerful - generating force from 5 kN up to 100 kN. They’re ideal for plastic films and many material types - we can even create bespoke instruments to suit the needs of your operation - just ask!

Find out more about our latest table mounted universal testing machine by clicking here.

Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D882