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ASTM D1316

Introducing ASTM D1316 - Industrial Physics

ASTM D1316 is an ASTM international standard specification for the fineness of grind testing of printing inks using a grindometer.  

Oversized particles in your printing ink can damage a printing plate, plug a cell, clog a nozzle or affect the appearance of a printed ink film.  

Fineness of grind testing makes sure that your pigment particles are consistent. It can also help to check that a test material meets the agreed specification. When you use an NPIRI grindometer you’ll develop a cost efficient fineness of grind testing process for your printing inks.  

The ASTM D1316 test range  

The ASTM D1316 test method suits any dispersion that’s fine enough to fall within the 0 to 25 μm range of the specified grind gauge. With a minor variation in procedure, it’s applicable to both paste (nonvolatile) and liquid (volatile) inks. 

If you make coatings and inks, or simply test them during a production process, then fineness of grind testing is essential. It’s a simple yet effective way to measure the uniformity of pigment particles they contain. For more information on our fineness of grind testing range, check out the page here. 

ASTM D1316 testing equipment  

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D1316 testing?  

Industrial Physics grindometers and fineness of grind gauges are precision instruments that determine particle size and fineness of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments, filler or even chocolate! 

We make a variety of different grindometers to suit all manner of testing standards and applications including ASTM D1316. The TQC Sheen automated fineness of grind gauge scanner gives you perfect particle dispersion readings.  

In the collection we also have the TQC wide groove grindometer and ASTM D1316 testing accessories including our beveled scraper. 

Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D1316